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I can’t help you but I really care about you.

Submitted by: pinkpurple

You might appear to be hard on people, but I know that deep inside there beats a heart of solid concrete.

Submitted by: isambard kingdom brownowl

You: Nothing is as it seems…
Me: Did the aliens tell you that when you took off your foil hat?

Submitted by: lacey

Are you asleep??? Nope

Submitted by: Cns

I’m told that familiarity breeds contempt … Well I feel I’ve know you forever.

Submitted by: Rob

Here you go!! It’s a bowl of sarcasm!!

Submitted by: SarcasticAdri

Languages I speak
FLUENT Sarcasm

Submitted by: Cameron

Person 1: Please don’t tell me that …
Person 2: Okay, I won’t tell you that …

Submitted by: Nadia

Jeanette?… You know that you could be a very pretty gurl?…if it wasn’t for your face?

Submitted by: Tracy Johnson

Girl 1: Do you like my new dress?
Girl 2: Yeah, I like it… Are you wearing it for Halloween? :)

Submitted by: Lillo

Aww thank you…
I’m flattered that you’re jelous of me! :)

Submitted by: Stefana

I’m stupid and I know it, I just don’t like people telling me this.

Submitted by: cheyenne

Oooohhh…soooo must be mistaking me for someone who cares…

Submitted by: limadreso

Oh wow, who cut your hair?… The council?

Submitted by: wolf77

Well aren’t you a breath of fresh air!

Submitted by: Armine

Your passport looks like some horror- booth application.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Sarcasm is anger’s evil cousin.
– Anger Management

Submitted by: Lily :)

Dont you need a license to be that ugly?

Submitted by: Jeet

You don’t have to be ugly to be tough, but it helps.

Submitted by: Karen

If you don’t have the money for air ticket borrow your neighbor’s carpet next time…

Submitted by: farid khan

Seriously, if I was as ugly as you I’d cry too.

Submitted by: HappinessIzOvr8d

Would you like a side of epic with that fail?
You- Thank you Captain Obvious!
Me- You’re welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm!!

Submitted by: Kelsey

I am Modest…………… And proud of it.

Submitted by: Sanaa

Awww!!! That is so cute… Do you really think I care?

Submitted by: JC

Judge: How do you plead?
Me: Not guilty your honer!
Judge: What have you got to say for yourself?
Me: Isn’t being ugly against the law?

Submitted by: Prince-Flames O. M

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