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Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here).

Submitted by: sarcasm on December 19, 2011

You must be really clever to act so stupid all the time.

Submitted by: Snailman on December 12, 2011

No sh*t Sherlock!

Submitted by: Java the hut on May 7, 2013

If I had a dollar for every smart thing you said…wait no, then I’d be in debt!

Submitted by: SarcasticSarcasm=Me on September 29, 2011

I’m not sleeping, I’m just checking my eyelids for holes!

Submitted by: kyliek on November 2, 2011

Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to lie to myself and try to like you?

Submitted by: jjsnage on September 18, 2011

How much do you charge to haunt a house?

Submitted by: thomas geddes on September 12, 2012

Not many people can listen to you and survive. I should be getting an award.

Submitted by: Bill on April 5, 2012

Person 1: Is that you?!
Person 2: Nah, I’m an alien from the planet obvious.

Submitted by: Fred 'n' George on May 16, 2012

No you’re not ugly.. It’s just that you’re face is few centuries out of fashion.

Submitted by: roya on September 14, 2011

Person 1: Can you help me do my homework?
Person 2: Sure, I can, why not.
Person 1: Well?.
Person 2: Just because I can, doesn’t mean I will.

Submitted by: Kiel on January 17, 2013

You : I know I’m just an ugly guy..*hoping to be praised*
Me : awwh, don’t be sad, there are many more uglier people out there..
You : ^!%!$#@$@^@**@&^@%$@
Me : =)

Submitted by: SR on April 6, 2010

Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm.

That sounds so cool! It’s a shame I’m not interested…

Submitted by: Sfiesta on May 2, 2010

You- “oh find it funny do you?!”
Me- “hence the laughter”

Submitted by: Leah Victoria on April 5, 2012

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