Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

A drunkards blood should be examined very well by the doctor before donor.who knows his blood may be 75% alcoholic

Submitted by: dimude richard onyebuchi

Give a man a beer and another beer and another beer and here fishy fishy. Give me another beer.

Submitted by: Cal

One drink is too many
and a thousands not enough

Submitted by: melessa

Drink driving isn’t a crime it’s only a crime if you spill it!

Submitted by: Sam

A drink is when your mind says yes, but your liver says no!!!

Submitted by: blondi

I did not drink your acohol, I only tasted your liquor.

Submitted by: vince

Drinking is gross BUT I FEEL HOTT WHEN I DO IT

Submitted by: stephanie

…..Whisky Is Risky…..

Submitted by: W,K ,ZADRAN

Don’t drink and drive because you might get hit by a blimp and spill your drink. And that’s bad.

Submitted by: xkxxkxkxk

Person 1 : Are You A Alcoholiic
Person 2 : Naaa I Only Drink In Days That End In Y
To Prevent Hangovers Stay Drunk ..
Save Water ,, Drink Vodka

Submitted by: Kel

She only drinks when she’s awake and then only on those days that end in Y. I’ve never seen her drunk enough to fall off the floor. Where’s the problem here?

Submitted by: gotabuzz

The best kind of alcohol is the kind that makes you forget.

Submitted by: Ruby

Let him get drunk…And later, he will confess the truth.

Submitted by: CLEMENZ

Is the glass is half empty or half full?
Who cares? Just drink the beer and move on with life!

Submitted by: Beyond Lazy

What does sober mean?

Submitted by: Me

Think 2 drink, drink 2 think

Submitted by: emily

I swear to drink, I didn’t god tonight, ossifer!

Submitted by: RosePetal

I don’t drink and drive, I drink as I drive.

Submitted by: Wanjusi Isaac

And the ones who don’t like liquor, drugstores admire you.

Submitted by: Samantha

A drinker’s thoughts are the real face of a gentle person.

Submitted by: Neeraj.Kumar

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