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Its good to leave alcohol, its not good to not know where you left it!
What time doesn’t cure, alcohol hides the pain.
Alcohol causes you forget stuff and some other things a don’t remember!

Submitted by: alberto sarti

Im too drunk to notice what im doing, so ill think about it later.

Submitted by: Ed

And the ones who don’t like liquor, drugstores admire you.

Submitted by: Samantha

I need a beer… Actually.. Make it a case.

Submitted by: kellen

I am on a ALCOHOL DRINKING DIET so when I see ALCOHOL I have to DRINK.

Submitted by: Given

I don’t drink to get drunk…I drink to get awesome.

Submitted by: Joshua

Make it a night you won’t forget, not one you can’t remember.

Submitted by: swibiru

A day without beer is like a day without sun.

Submitted by: floyd

Happy hour is any hour with vodka.

Submitted by: jesseyeca

I quit drinking ! Now I freeze it and eat it!

Submitted by: Dave

Alcohol can kill the one’s you love. Trust me I would know, its the devil in drinkable form.

Submitted by: m

To beer or not to beer shakesbeer

Submitted by: adam

You know you’ve had too much beer when you run out, You’ve had too little if you can afford to buy more.
Draft beer, not soldiers.

Submitted by: corey

I don’t drink and drive, I drink as I drive.

Submitted by: Wanjusi Isaac

A beer a day keeps the salary away.

Submitted by: duard

This is an old Danish saying
We toast to our friends and those we know. And those we do not know, them we toast with.

Submitted by: DrunkenDane

I am being sober in moderation…

Submitted by: T-Man

If I knew that I was going to this thirsty today I would’ve drunk even more last night.

Submitted by: Marina

…..Whisky Is Risky…..

Submitted by: W,K ,ZADRAN

Drinking makes the mind go sober.

Submitted by: heruba

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