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They said 2- faced is a norm in society.Okay..But if you’re going to be 2- faced,make one of them pretty at least.
Please don’t be 2- faced with me, because it’s hard to decide which face to slap first…

Submitted by: Rabia

Statistically, 132% of all people exaggerate.

I just edited my friend list. So if you’re still able to read this then congratulations you made it through my first elimination.

Submitted by: bobby

Steven is not for everyone. Clinical tests show that Steven may cause nausea, fatigue, and kidney or liver problems. Ask your doctor if Steven is right for you.

I watch pom. I bet you read that wrong, didn’t you?

Submitted by: chirag

Sometimes I wish life had subtitles (and in a big font)!

Everybody called me crazy when I said that Sharkboy was hot…

Submitted by: ForeverLonely

Ian just found out that they took the word “gullible” out of the dictionary!

Cleo really wishes she could but, I’m attending a perfume convention as guest sniffer.

Jessie took the “Are you spending too much time on Facebook” quiz and the result is “No – You should spend much more time”. Jessie shot the computer.

Who says I’m not in shape? Round’s a shape, isn’t it?


If you don’t like me well honey you don’t have to.

Submitted by: nikki

That awkward moment when somebody is doing dishes and you slowly put another dish in the sink.

Claire is disturbed by abominable quadrupeds.

I like kids, but I don’t think I could eat a whole one.

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