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(In front side with tortoise picture)
Life is hard so I have got a thick shell.

Submitted by: prashant patil

If I can’t have it I steal it.

Submitted by: Moomoo

Your boyfriend thinks I’m hot, are you aware?

Submitted by: Chandi..

Don’t get near me,I’m SICK

Submitted by: Abigail

I Don’T DrIvE fasT… I Juss flY lOw !
I dOnnO karatE, BuT I knOw kara- ZY !!

Submitted by: DevIl >:) --- Vipin Bhardwaj

Just 2 for the price of 3!

Submitted by: Hanne

I’m not that drunk.

Submitted by: buyog

No money
no car
no chance

Submitted by: SMILE PPLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must be this tall to ride

Submitted by: Pete

My favorite t- shirt .. – > Insufficient memory at this time..

Submitted by: jack

I bought it for cheap.
Don’t read this.

Submitted by: eri orenge

I don’t have an attitude; its my personality.
Reciprocity works great; your are good, I’m great.
I am an angel; all you need is to put on your glasses well.

Submitted by: Kamini

Carry your own emotional baggage!

Submitted by: Alza

I am surrounded by donkeys !

Submitted by: Jigs

I am with stupid ==>

Submitted by: x=JEMRICA=x

I’m just like you.. Only better and smart looking.:D

Submitted by: chocoromz

I don’t have a problem with drink/work or stupid people they all have a problem with me!!

Submitted by: BESS

I study female anatomy.

Submitted by: jomar magallanes

Will wash my t- shirt?

Submitted by: harsh

WARNIG:Reading this shirt may be harmful to sensative readers, but your going to read it any way.

Submitted by: CntCarnage

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