Bill Gates Quote Meaning: “If you are born Poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake”

Bill Gates is one of the most awesome characters ever. For the longest time he was the richest man in the world, and even now he’s still filthy rich. The most awesome thing about Bill Gates though is that he’s a philanthropist with his money helping those in need and doing awesome things… Its no wonder why this Microsoft Founder is so inspirational and many inspirational quotes are taken from him.

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So what does that mean if you are born poor its not your mistake? Really its not up to you which family you are born into. You could be born into a royal family and never work a day in your life, or you could be born into poverty. Either which way, it can never stop a truly motivated person in living their dream in being something successful. However, if you die poor it can be your mistake as it means that you may have not had the motivation to build your wealth despite having little or nothing. Agree? Disagree? Comment below and tell us what you think the meaning behind this quote is.

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  • James says:

    Ridiculous quote if it’s attributed solely to financial security
    Not everyone’s goal is to be financially stable if it was the world would be a terrifying place to live
    Also luck plays a huge part and destiny he just happened to be white middle class and born in the PC age at the start I admire him for doing what he did and does but the saying is simplistic in the extreme and patently false
    Just a soundbite

  • Jitendra says:

    A social worker or a scientist born in a poor family who did a plenty of good works with out caring about his financial growth and one day he passes away….Do you consider it his mistake? I’ll never agree with the quote because there is lots to do which is more precious than earning money……

  • Tonge says:

    To be rich is not only attributed to money but also to the knowledge that you acquire in your life. However,money is a need to reach out to many stations of life. if you fail to fulfill your dreams,you are poor indeed even if you have money

  • cindy says:

    I wouldn’t say that it was a mistake because he succeeded in what he loved to do: Helping others!!!
    The quote might be inspired by financial drive but it can also be applied to a lot of other aspects in life!! Bill Gates never used the word financial success!!! Everyone is free to define their own success!

  • Karthik Ramnath says:

    First, please do not get offended being poor. I was never thought of money but helping with what I have it. But now I am thinking I need to be billionaire, if I kind person become billionaire, I will help for those really need it but not only in terms of money but with everything independently. He been great philanthropist and need to respect his words. I understand his intention ‘poor’meaning not how much you earn, how much you earn and give back to our society. Please earn more and give more to our people who really need it.

  • Billy Ray says:

    There is no evidence he ever said this quote, nor does it align with his efforts to help the poor in many parts of the world.

  • Billy Ray says:

    He never said this quote.

  • Rangaiah ys says:

    I think it is not related to money only ,knowledge is also a wealth …

  • Aris says:

    Poverty is definitely not only associated with money.

  • Sani says:

    He is my best man

  • Kudzi Mutatandavari says:

    What Mr Gates is saying is realy true….esp in More economically Developed Countries with no Corruption…But eventhough we stil stand a chance to become rich.

  • Asouzu chinenye says:

    He is really correct. Been born poor doesn’t mean that you were born to be poor. First have the right mindset towards what He said and you will understand him more and see that he is right.

  • mulebeke julius says:

    Nice quote, we need to for success

  • noregrets says:

    But you did it no? Being poor isn’t confined to just financial means, poor is a mentality. I’ve grown up around truly poor people and some had money most didn’t. But the mindset was all the same. You don’t have to aim to be a quadrillionaire, just better then you started.

  • GS says:

    There is no actual evidence he ever said this. But it’s garbage one way or the other. Van Gogh, Melville, Blake, Schubert, Poe, Vermeer, Gauguin, Dickinson…all of whom will be remembered longer than Gates who is mainly a product of his time only.

  • Anton says:

    I don’t believe in this quote because in this modern world, without education, you will stay idle and poor.And those who were born in poor families knows it well that you studied little or never studied at all and those who studied are working in big offices, companies earning a lot of money, and then a poor one who didn’t study is working manually to save the day just to get what to eat and drink. If that’s all about the poor people around the world, why don’t you die poor?

  • Jay Jumawid Paculba says:

    I can agree with your opinion❤


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