Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

I drink to forget that I smoke.

Submitted by: shreyansh rohatgi

I have all day sober to Sunday up!

Submitted by: Teri-lynn.M

“but why is all the rum gone?!?!?!”captin jack sparrow

Submitted by: gee owayday

If your beer hits the floor,
send your girl out the door.

Submitted by: Jesse

It not a night to remember if you can’t remember it

Submitted by: beka

I quit drinking ! Now I freeze it and eat it!

Submitted by: Dave

What’s the ociffer problem

Submitted by: nick lawson

Don’t talk to me if you can’t buy me a drink.

Submitted by: iya

Dear friend: I have been thinking and drinking until finally I realized something REALLY important and that’s I like drinking

Submitted by: Tay-tah-tohts

If I knew that I was going to this thirsty today I would’ve drunk even more last night.

Submitted by: Marina

I don’t drink to get drunk…I drink to get awesome.

Submitted by: Joshua

No police officer I don’t drink and drive it’s illegal… I drive and drink!

Submitted by: Jahszmiin

I have a drinking problem, two hands and just one mouth.

Submitted by: Johnny Walker

I’m sotally tober ossifer!!

Submitted by: harleygirl

I don’t have a drink problem…I can go all day without it…I just need it at night thats all.

Submitted by: Michelle

I only drink on 1 occasion……….always.

Submitted by: perezlova

If vodka was drama in our school we would all be wasted =]

Submitted by: S&N

I’m not an alcoholic…it’s just called being fun.

Submitted by: ANGIE

Take me drunk im home !

Submitted by: shauna

You know you’ve had too much beer when you run out. You’ve had too little if you can afford to buy more.
Draft beer, not soldiers.

Submitted by: corey

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