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“but why is all the rum gone?!?!?!”captin jack sparrow

Submitted by: gee owayday

Alcohol is the sweet poison having benefits less than harm.

Submitted by: zaffar magami

Beer is your true friend, always there…always available.

Submitted by: eisenheim23

I only drink on 1 occasion……….always.

Submitted by: perezlova

Let him get drunk…And later, he will confess the truth.

Submitted by: CLEMENZ

Life is too short to stay sober.

Submitted by: Ranjeet Singh Gill

Reality is an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency!

Submitted by: Mithil Khanolkar

One drink is too many
and a thousands not enough

Submitted by: melessa

Over the Lips and Over the Gums Watch out Stomach Here it Comes.

Submitted by: Aarron

I have all day sober to Sunday up!

Submitted by: Teri-lynn.M

He who drinks gets drunk, he who gets drunk goes to sleep, he who goes to sleeps doesn’t sin, he who doesn’t sin goes to heaven, so lets all drink n we all go to heaven!!! Order from above.

Submitted by: Wanjusi Isaac

Whisky or wine? I really don’t even care if that ryhmes, but since I’m on a role give me a shot of both.

Submitted by: John Lane

I don’t have a drink problem…I can go all day without it…I just need it at night thats all.

Submitted by: Michelle

The best kind of alcohol is the kind that makes you forget.

Submitted by: Ruby

God is great.
Beer is good.
People are crazy.

Submitted by: trev

What’s the ociffer problem

Submitted by: nick lawson

Give a man a beer and another beer and another beer and here fishy fishy. Give me another beer.

Submitted by: Cal

Let’s face it – no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.

Submitted by: Dixon

I don’t drunk with dance people!

Submitted by: Nik-Nak

I drink so that I cannot lie

Submitted by: vince

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