Smoking Quotes and Sayings

I went on a diet, stopped smoking dope, cut out the drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I lost two weeks.

Submitted by: Sir Custac Cant

Smoking helps in losing weight, one lung at a time.

Submitted by: AAMIR

Can’t we all just get along…And may be even pass a bong…

Submitted by: Joel

A cigarette a day keeps the doctor in pay!

Submitted by: eajjw99

Thousands of people stop smoking a day – by dying from it.

Submitted by: Jazzie

The best way to quit is to never start.

Submitted by: burke

Why Drink and Drive…??
When you can Smoke n Fly…
Dont hate Smoker…every cigarette might be their last…

Submitted by: Ashes

Smokers don’t grow old…they die young…

Submitted by: jamz

I never went to High School, but I went to school high.

Submitted by: Slick

Fake coughing in front of smokers just to make them feel guilty!

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