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If you can read this:


Hang on a sec im just reading my voicemail!

Submitted by: Moz

Rule No1: Don’t lose your girl
Rule No2: Don’t forget the rule no. 1

Submitted by: priyan

I’m probably lying.
I hope you realize that by the time you’ve stopped talking I’ve been talking to someone else.
My shirt is blank, haha made you look!!
Even if I laugh that doesn’t mean it’s funny.
If you flash me, I’ll laugh.

Submitted by: Lila

Don’t be smart, you’re not good at it…

Submitted by: Bob G

And you wonder why I don’t listen to you!
Sometimes I wonder why I even talk to you!
Don’t worry, I’ll pretend I care!
I’m not listening!

Submitted by: Abby

My boyfriends wife hates me!!

Submitted by: cakes

Who are you and why are you reading my shirt?

Submitted by: Khotso

I don’t have a problem with drink/work or stupid people they all have a problem with me!!

Submitted by: BESS

Excuse me Sam what is your name?
I feel good when I’m not with you
Check this out ..buy one take one

Submitted by: tezford


Submitted by: JACKIE

If you truly love somthing set it free and if it doesnt return … Hunt it down a kill it !

Submitted by: Random Person

If you expect the unexpected , then doesn’t that make the unexpected expected?

Submitted by: happygogoboy83

Just when you thought you were the center of attention… I SHOWED UP !!!
KISS ME before my boyfriend shows up
i go to school to SOCIALIZE
girls look at me up and down, and don’t have anything to say, but its funny how words come out when I walk away

Submitted by: S U M M E R Z O l l E R

All roads lead to Roam

Submitted by: Chintzz

“B.M.W. :- Beer Motorcycle Women”

Submitted by: Ajay Ghai

“Why these kids looking at me, I am not their Dad”

Submitted by: Ajay Ghai

If Homework is work,,,WHEN DO I GET PAID???

Submitted by: Voldemort

Follow me I KNOW THE WAY TO HELL(on back)

Submitted by: karan

Sweat is Weakness leaving the body
Respect; if you have to ask for it you haven’t earned it
Winners train, Losers complain
Sweat on the floor is gold in the trophy case

Submitted by: danielle

I am surrounded by donkeys !

Submitted by: Jigs

Follow me if you don’t like me :)

Submitted by: man007

You may not Notice but I Know You’re watching Me

Submitted by: Babrs

Risk your life; life without risks is such a waste of oxygen!!

Submitted by: Kedar

When God created me, he was just showing off!!!

Submitted by: Ram C

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