Stupid Quotes & Sayings

I was wondering why the frisbee was getting bigger… Then it hit me.

Submitted by: Alainah on July 15, 2008

A very wise man once said, “it is better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove you are stupid”

Submitted by: NANA on November 25, 2007

Stupid is when you spend 18 hours trying to drown a fish.

Submitted by: lauren:) on October 14, 2008

I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.
Steven Wright

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

You can have as many friends that money can buy, but I’ll still hate you for free.

Submitted by: Kayla on October 29, 2007

I’m not a complete idiot. Some pieces are missing.

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

Have you ever wondered why you can’t taste your tongue?

Submitted by: Joe Momma on April 6, 2009

If a blonde throws you a grenade…you pull the pin and throw it back! :P

Submitted by: Mr.Stickman on February 26, 2008

I never apologise. I’m sorry, that’s just the way I am.

Submitted by: Kittypong on April 6, 2008

My imaginary friend thinks you have some serious problems.

Submitted by: Ryan J on February 11, 2008

The following statement is true. The previous statement is false.

Submitted by: pete wu on August 15, 2008

Its only funny until someone gets hurt.

Submitted by: dominic on December 6, 2007

Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter.

Submitted by: diff on August 3, 2007

I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

I don’t follow my dreams…I ask them where they are going and find them later!

Submitted by: Billy Bob Jo Cracker on January 9, 2009

I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering…
I wonder..

Submitted by: MEV on December 22, 2008

Boys are like lava lamps…fun to look at but not very bright.

Submitted by: Cori on December 4, 2007

You laugh because imm different,i laugh because I just farted..

Submitted by: Danielle Urrabazo on March 6, 2008

You know you’re stupid when you wake someone up by asking if they’re asleep.

Submitted by: acer on August 23, 2009

Go for the happy endings,
because life doesn’t have any sequels.
If you keep chasing yesterday,
you’re going to miss tomorrow.

Submitted by: Lexiiiii on December 13, 2007

I asked Mom if I was a gifted child. She said they certainly wouldn’t have paid for me.

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.
Steven Wright

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.
George Carlin

The person who laughs last at a joke..didn’t get it

Submitted by: Steve on March 4, 2009

Crazy? I was crazy once, I had my own padded room.
Then the worms came…Worms? I hate worms, they drive me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once…

Submitted by: Kayla on October 29, 2007

If you ever decide to leave me, I’m going with you.

Submitted by: JB on July 22, 2009

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

Second is the first loser.

Submitted by: dr.fill02 on November 30, 2007

If you don’t know what you are talking about, at least act like you do.

Submitted by: Tayler on June 14, 2008

Everybody has a photographic memory. Some people just don’t have film.

Submitted by: Kacey on April 3, 2008

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