Birthday Quotes, Sayings for 40th, 50th, 60th birthdays

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You aren’t really 60. Just 21 with 39 years experience!

Submitted by: rachel prentice

It was raining when you were born because heaven was crying for losing an angel.

Submitted by: nimo

50?! I demand a recount!!

Submitted by: Kelsey Barrett

Don’t be sad you are another year older… Be grateful for another year lived!!!

Submitted by: Alison

What is a birthday?
The only day in your life when you cried and your mother was happy!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Shashank

Wrap the presents, bake the cake, do the birthday shimmy- shake!!!!!

Submitted by: shorty

When another birthday comes around keep telling your self that you are one year wiser, not older.

Submitted by: Asha

So far, this is the oldest I’ve ever been.

Submitted by: Claire

People think old is the opposite of young, but really it’s the same. Whether you’re one or one hundred, someone still changes your diapers and feeds you out of a soft spoon. And either way, you still need help walking around and have no teeth.

Submitted by: Dorothy Wells Hamilton

I can’t add years in your life, but I can add life in your years… Happy Birthday!!

Submitted by: Jojo

I’m not 50 I’m 49.95 plus tax.

Submitted by: Cameron

Be grateful for another year that God gave you to live in this world, and thank him for another mission that he gave to you to solve.
Happy Birthday.

Submitted by: Magz

One of the things that’s strange about growing up is that until you’re thirty, the ceiling gets closer. When you get older, it gets further away and blurry.

Submitted by: EmmaDacha

Let us celebrate your birthday, the day when you met life.

Submitted by: vicnoel

50 years old or 18,250 days young.

Submitted by: DJ WILLIAMS

Happy 1/2 way to 100!!!!!

Submitted by: DJ WILLIAMS


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You are the oldest you have ever been, but you are the youngest you will ever be again.

Submitted by: Ethan Saldaña

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

Submitted by: Kaelyn

Birthday is a present that we must treasure. :)

Birthday Quote: Birthday is a present that we must...

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Submitted by: :)

She’s hot, she’s cold.
She’s fifty years old.

Submitted by: steve

Your birthday was God’s way of sending me a gift.

Birthday Quote: Your birthday was God’s way of sending...

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Submitted by: Roger

Birthdays should be remember, It is a special occasion that you must celebrate.
Make it happy,you have nothing to worry about age but instead you or we should thanks the lord for all the good memories that we already experienced.

Submitted by: flor

A truly Happy Birthday is one that brings you wisdom with your age.

Submitted by: Virgo

Someone asked me once what I wanted for my birthday, I said I want more. More love, more laughter, more peace more fun, more good days than bad. Simply more!

Birthday Quote: Someone asked me once what I wanted...

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Submitted by: Chrispy

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