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I’m not stupid I just don’t get the point of being smart.

Submitted by: mrs.rejected

Procrastinators unite!…Tomorrow

Submitted by: awesomesaurus

If I’m going crazy, can you give me directions?

Submitted by: andrea

If someone is driving you crazy, what are they driving?

Submitted by: andrea

I am a member of NAPWDLA…National Association of People Who Don’t Like Abbreviations

Submitted by: Alex

Hurry up slowly in a very quick tortoise pace…thank you very much please!

Submitted by: Kelvin-d

I am never serious. Seriously.

Submitted by: iLoveFriedChicken

Imagine a tsunami was coming?
Would you…
a.) Run for cover
b.) Go surfing
c.) Run to the nearest mountain or
d.) Help your family?
You know what I’ll do?

Submitted by: Nelly

Remember to look both ways before getting hit by a car.

Submitted by: Paul Barney

When it comes to stupidity, he is a genius.

Submitted by: mahmoud

Today, I took an elevator up from the top floor to the basement.

Submitted by: Arzeimuth

Have you ever wondered why sheep don’t shrink when they get wet?

Submitted by: Kris

Hey, I know someone who has the same name as you do. Wanna know the name?

Submitted by: Toinkz M.

I ate my homework cos my teacher said it was a piece of cake. – she lied

Submitted by: JaKa

How old is your 16 year old sister???
P.S. Someone really asked me that!!!

Submitted by: Person

You know you are stupid when you’re riding a horse and it’s head is on the wrong end!!!

Stupid Quote: You know you are stupid when you’re...

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Submitted by: Secret

Hey, your son, you know, the 21- year- old, how old is he?

Submitted by: Miley Ray Cyrus

Sometimes, I feel I’m stupid enough to give away my brilliant ideas. Then I realize, I’m brilliant enough to sell my stupid ideas!

Submitted by: nikhil banerjee

Stupid people won’t laugh reading all these stupid quotes. Too stupid to get it figured, I suppose.

Submitted by: QWERTYUIOP

Whoa, it’s a unicorn without a horn.

Submitted by: Rafael Sandoval

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