Stupid Quotes & Sayings

The is a thin line between a stupid and a fool. I’m on a quest to discover whether it was an idiot or a fool who erased it.

Submitted by: clive Ntuli

I can’t never be serious, Seriously.

Submitted by: alex

I’m so cool, even I want to be me.

Submitted by: Dion

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people that don’t know the answer!

Submitted by: max

I can’t wait to see the invisible man!

Submitted by: Azaka7

Me? Fail English!? … That’s unpossible!

Submitted by: she

If you want to look thin and young, hang around old fat people.

Submitted by: Liam

You would look clever if you just mute yourself.

Submitted by: diputs

I’m not fool..I’m just stupid!

Submitted by: egglubber

No stupid remarks or questions, please, unless you really are stupid.

Submitted by: bertman

There are no stupid questions only stupid people asking questions.

Submitted by: cameron

Are you aware that 96.25% of all statistics are made up!

Submitted by: shaun fatty devine

Stupidity is proved itself when you try desperately to prove you are not stupid.

Submitted by: A_Leo

I can’t believe I read this thread.

Submitted by: Dave

I don’t have nightmares. I create them.

Submitted by: Jessica

My mother told me I’m smart. My teacher told me I’m smart… My father told me I’m smart… But still my Pet invisible bee doesn’t answer.

Submitted by: 456789456789456

People’s last words:
– Throw me that knife, please!
– Is it the black wire?
– I’ll check how deep the lake is.
– Was this seafood?

Submitted by: sillygirl

Some people are just naive, while others are just stupid.

Submitted by: Roger E

If you’re going to be stupid you better be tough.

Submitted by: Joe

My multiple personalities think you are crazy. They say you need help. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Submitted by: shani3

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