T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

Where there’s a will… I want to be in it.

Beat the 5 o’clock rush – Leave work at noon.

Never kick a man unless he’s down.

Put on your seat belt… I wanna try something.

I don’t have a license to kill. I have a learner’s permit.

I don’t know what makes you dumb, but it really works.

I’m the person your mother warned you about.

Rule No1: Don’t lose your girl
Rule No2: Don’t forget the rule no. 1

Submitted by: priyan

Everybody is somebody else’s weirdo.

Submitted by: Stedegamot

Don’t ask Questions……use your Commonsense

Submitted by: Rodnel

I’m lost please take me home with you.

Submitted by: bansi

Watch your step while you are busy reading my t- shirt.

Submitted by: hany

A picture is worth a thousand words – But it uses up a thousand times the memory.


Submitted by: JACKIE

I never finish anythi…

Submitted by: pete

My Dog Can Lick Anyone.

Follow me I KNOW THE WAY TO HELL(on back)

Submitted by: karan

If you find me asleep in the middle of the street, please return me to the pub.

Submitted by: vuvu

Don’t look at me, that’s not my child.

Submitted by: kelly

I’m not bossy, I just know better.;)

Submitted by: Hulahop

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