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Sex without love is like food without taste.

Submitted by: Nataly on November 9, 2007

A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she’s a tramp.
– Joan Rivers

Women fake orgasms and men fake finances.
– Suze Orman

My sex life is like a Ferrari…I don’t have a Ferrari.

Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: a woman having large breasts makes men stupid.
Rita Rudner

Before sex.. you help each other get naked, after sex you only dress yourself. Moral of the story: in life no one helps you once you’re f****d.

A real man is one who can have fun with you, without being sexual.


Sex is like high school…you miss a period and you’re in trouble.

You know that look that women get when they want to have sex? Me neither.
Steve Martin

Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at.
– Jimmy Demaret

Since sex got easier to get. Love got harder to find.

The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.
Woody Allen

Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it’s pretty damn good.
Woody Allen

Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.
– Robert Byrne

You’re 12, you should be loosing teeth. Not your virginity.


Love is the cure to all diseases but sex is the only cure to a broken heart.

Submitted by: Virgz de bylz on March 10, 2013

Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth, it’s a cure.
– Thomas Szasz

I don’t know why they call it a Walk of shame. You just had sex last night and now everyone knows it. Sounds like a Walk of Win to me.

Chinese: Me not come to work, me sick. Boss: When I’m sick I have sex with my wife, try it. Later Chinese called back: It worked. Me better. You got nice house!

Sex is an emotion in motion.
Mae West

Never become satisfied with the hunger of cheap lust, when you are thirsty for genuine love!

Submitted by: shavoris brown on December 1, 2012

If you’re man enough to knock her up…then, you better be man enough to support the child.

The best cure for a headache is good sex.

I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.
Woody Allen

Men use love to get sex. Women use sex to get love. Me? I use coupons to get pizza.


I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.
Steve Martin

All men approve of premarital sex…until they have a daughter.

Men are like keys, they’ll twist you until you open.

Submitted by: MizzBelieber on November 17, 2012

If you’re born in September, it’s pretty safe to assume that your parents started their new year with a “Bang”.

They say you shouldn’t lie to your doctor. But admit it, if they ask if you’ve ever had sex, and your mom is right there, you’re gonna say no.

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