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Person 1: Only few people can practice two arts simultaneously.
Person 2: That is why I practice three. :)

Submitted by: Kiel

Person 1: Can you help me do my homework?
Person 2: Sure, I can, why not.
Person 1: Well?.
Person 2: Just because I can, doesn’t mean I will.

Submitted by: Kiel

B*tch at least I still remember planetary motion. The world revolves around the sun.

Submitted by: derek dsemre

Just keep talking, I yawn when I’m interested.

Submitted by: shutup

Person: Go to hell!
Me: I must already be in Hell since you’re still standing here.

Submitted by: Nick

I love to hear you talk- the white noise is very relaxing.

Submitted by: nick

Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does.

Submitted by: Sofia

Oh… I didn’t tell you…. Then it must be none of your business.

Submitted by: Jennifer

I’m not sarcastic, I’m brutally honest =).

Submitted by: Lowkeyfan

How much do you charge to haunt a house?

Submitted by: thomas geddes

Oh yea you look so pretty I can’t take it.

Submitted by: casin

Someone said that you didn’t have half a brain, but I defended you, I insisted that you did!

Submitted by: Richard

As a matter of fact, the whole world does revolve around me!

Submitted by: Anarchy

Abusive Mom: Do you hate me?
Girl: No, I just wish you would get your next period in a shark tank
Abusive Dad: Do you hate me?
Girl: No, it’s just that if you were on fire I’d roast marshmallows.

Submitted by: Ryann

Mom: *knocks on my door*
Me: What?
Mom: Are you in there?
Me: No, I went to Narnia.

Submitted by: Aiden
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