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I’ll love you till my last breath

DownUp +32

You were looking at me with a blissful gaze.
While I was enjoying raindrops all over my face.

As the raindrops rolled towards my lips.
My love drenched heart just felt your kiss.

My heart froze deep looking into your eyes.
It felt the love of a heart so wise.

One day I wish you’ll be mine.
N we’ll celebrate our love with the cheers of wine.

In your arms I’ll love to die.
You are n will be my honey pie.

Together we are a couple so great.
Oh baby. I’ll love you till my last breath.

This post was submitted by Sneha Bagale.

Family Unity

DownUp +11

A generation started so long ago
With strength in every thing we know
A binding towards love and respect
Unifying all goodness that comes next
With caring and love to follow through
Revealing all wonders of family new
Keeping the closeness pure and true
A lasting bond of more than a few
Never forgotten with times that bind
Unity of family should be pure and kind

This post was submitted by Victoria Black.

A New Day

DownUp +30

Make a fresh start to a new day
Encouraging all goodness to stay
Thinking of things anew and true
Bringing out the best in you
To enjoy wonderful things around
Appreciating the day you found
What a beauty each day beholds
Just as we have always been told
With greetings we will often say
Hello! And- have a nice day.

This post was submitted by Victoria Black.

Mind ,Body, and Soul

DownUp +10

Our minds, so powerful and true
Being all that it could be to renew
Imaginative thoughts given to all
Showing the beauty of things we recall
The body full of movements with grace
Reaching places at its own pace
Coping with situations we may face
All things adjusting in its rightful place
The soulfulness of awareness and serenity
To accept and remember through our destiny
Growing stronger with all goodness around
Never lost in time, but always to be found
All working together towards one goal
The renewal of mind, body, and soul.

This post was submitted by Victoria Black.

Mother the Great

DownUp +39

My mother is great who loves me
My mother is brave who saves me
My mother is wise who gave me wisdom
My mother is a teacher who taught me
My mother is a friend who accompanies me
My mother is intelligent who understands me
My mother sleeps less to cook and feed me
My mother waits for me when I am late from school
My mother cures me when I suffer
My mother prays for my better prospects

This post was submitted by liaqath.

Fear of the World

DownUp +19

A dark sea churns in my chest,
I feel like I’m losing breath,
Fear clogs up my throat,
In anxiety’s chokehold

Deep breath in and out comes choppy both ways
I want to scream! Should I pray?
Practically shaking
Out the window goes rational thinking,
Wondering, wondering
Worst scenarios playing

What if? What if? The room is too small
Or I’m too big I don’t know I don’t know
Help me! Help me! Please don’t touch me

I’m surrounded yet isolated
I think my friends are secretly bored of me,
My mother never wanted me,
Father left me,
Brother hates me

All that’s left is me
I’m scared, I’m scared
Of myself and of the world
Who am i? Who am i?
Everyone else seems to know except i

Why? I ask, why?
Failure encloses me in folds of cold darkness
My heart begins to beat more not less

It’s as though I captured
A bird and locked it away in my
Chest. Beating, banging, struggling to escape
Locked in my mind I slowly suffocate.

This post was submitted by Xavia Krone.

Daddy, I trusted you

DownUp +7

Daddy I trusted you to catch me
You let me crash and burn
Daddy I love you
But you still walked away
Daddy I miss you
Yes I sound insane
Daddy I hate you
No I’ll never be the same
Why did you leave me?
Why didn’t you fight?
Was I not important enough to
Continue to be in your life?.

This post was submitted by Xavia Krone.

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