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Fear of the World

DownUp +19

A dark sea churns in my chest,
I feel like I’m losing breath,
Fear clogs up my throat,
In anxiety’s chokehold

Deep breath in and out comes choppy both ways
I want to scream! Should I pray?
Practically shaking
Out the window goes rational thinking,
Wondering, wondering
Worst scenarios playing

What if? What if? The room is too small
Or I’m too big I don’t know I don’t know
Help me! Help me! Please don’t touch me

I’m surrounded yet isolated
I think my friends are secretly bored of me,
My mother never wanted me,
Father left me,
Brother hates me

All that’s left is me
I’m scared, I’m scared
Of myself and of the world
Who am i? Who am i?
Everyone else seems to know except i

Why? I ask, why?
Failure encloses me in folds of cold darkness
My heart begins to beat more not less

It’s as though I captured
A bird and locked it away in my
Chest. Beating, banging, struggling to escape
Locked in my mind I slowly suffocate.

This post was submitted by Xavia Krone.

Tomorrow never come

DownUp +10

Tomorrow never come.
Adorable sun never set.
But come if you will never harm,
And set if you will never hurt.
Terrors of this evil world,
Cruel and wickedness of beings
Leave me nervous and overwhelmed.
I would fly if I had wings.
Death is no longer remarkable.
Death of my fellows terrifies me.
Youngsters’ death ain’t remarkable.
Who knows? Maybe I’m the next.
I gotta pray, obey and prepare.
Since death is a snare.

This post was submitted by Khaya.

My Love Shubh

DownUp +4

My love story in my poem.
He calls me jaanu. I’m calling him baby.
He loves me much. I’m loving him too much.
He think about me. I’m thinking about him.
One day he says he can’t live without me.
I’m saying it’s also impossible for me.
And some months later.
Heartbroken. And his name called by me heart-breaker.
He said give me a break and don’t text again. Goodbye.

This post was submitted by priya singh.

The Girl Who Lives in Pain

DownUp 0

The hurt seeps through the crack in my heart.
I don’t know who I really am.
If I tell someone, i wouldn’t know where to start,
Because i don’t think i really can.

The gossip, the drama, the tragedies, the lies,
Picking the wrong people sure was a bad mistake.
What do you see when you look deep down into this girl’s sad eyes?
You should see a girl that doesn’t know how much
she can take.

This is a cry for help,
A plea for support.
This pain just hurts, i want to yelp.
What do i do? Abort?

The hurt just takes over my body,
Like drugs injected into my veins.
I don’t want to be seen by everybody,
As the girl who lives in pain.

This post was submitted by Cassie New.

It’s Funny But Sad

DownUp +8

It’s funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye
It’s funny how good memories can start to make you cry

It’s funny how forever never seems to really last
It’s funny how much you’d loose if you forgot about your past

It’s funny how friends can just leave you when you’re down
It’s funny how when you need someone they’re never around

It’s funny how people can change and think they’re so much better
It’s funny how many lies can be packed in one ”love letter”

It’s funny how people can forgive even though they can’t forget
It’s funny how one night can contain so much regret

It’s funny how ironic life turns out to be,
But the funniest part,
Is that none of it is funny…
To me.

This post was submitted by Beau Warner.

Faith-stitched Heart

DownUp +2

Dark cloud filled with tears
Waiting to cry over the earth
Cold chills of wind blow a faint fear
Watching, waiting, praying not to feel hurt
Silent tears drip down
Silver untouched before they hit the ground

Here comes the rain
Silently I listen to that soft beat it plays
Music that soothes the pain
Whispering to me “Hush, you’ll be okay”

Forgetting the pain
Courage is born
Needles of faith sow together what was torn
Pulling myself together
I know I’ll win this fight
Hugging past memories away
As I kiss my faith stitched heart goodnight

This post was submitted by Chrissy.

My past

DownUp +1

These four walls hold me in,
sending my brain on a spazztastic whim.
Sometimes the pain never seems to end,
so i bring on the blade,
sometimes my only friend.
I hate the people who love me most,
I feel haunted by the lies,
my own personal ghost.
Stupidity sticks to me like glue,
no one can help me,
not my friends, not you.

This post was submitted by @l3x@.

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