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Mother the Great

DownUp +39

My mother is great who loves me
My mother is brave who saves me
My mother is wise who gave me wisdom
My mother is a teacher who taught me
My mother is a friend who accompanies me
My mother is intelligent who understands me
My mother sleeps less to cook and feed me
My mother waits for me when I am late from school
My mother cures me when I suffer
My mother prays for my better prospects

This post was submitted by liaqath.

Dear Mom

DownUp +3

Mother, you will never know,
how much love I have in my heart below,
for you, being there for me,
as well as for my family.
Times were good and times were bad,
you were happy, you were sad.
And still you done for me anything
always protected me with a mothers wing.
You are someone words can not describe
and for eternal there will not be one alike.
I am thankful for every memory,
because nobody can ever take that away from me.
You raised me to be a good human
and mom, I am proud about who I am.

I love you mom – thank you so much,
for giving me all these years your special touch.

This post was submitted by Diana Barnes.

“My Candle Light”

DownUp +6

When I was born, a candle was lit.
Mom, you are the candle that was lit,
and that continues to shine day and night
You are the light that continues to guide my path,
in the midst of the darkness that exists in this world.

When I am hungry, I look towards the lit candle,
When I am afraid I look towards the lit candle,
When I need guidance, I look towards the lit candle,
and when I need to hear those words “I Love You,”
I look towards the lit candle.

See this lit candle of mine, I know will never go out.
This light will continue to shine
when all other lights no longer exist.

Sometimes when I am alone,
or when the thought of day that my GOD will want this candle
To shine in his kingdom,
I look to heaven and give thanks up to him
For the blessing of this light.
When this light no longer exists in my presence,
it will continue to shine in my heart.
This candle light is not only external, but is also internal.

Mom, I embrace our love,
and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you!
Thank you for keeping me, when you could have given me away.
Thank you for loving me, just because I am your’s.
Mom, thank you for being My Candle Light.

This post was submitted by Stanley Staggers.


DownUp +3

When I was a little girl, sitting on you knee
I never could imagine, the Mother you would be
As I grew, I realized how blessed my life would be
Because you are my Mother, it means the world to me
So,Eventhough I’m far away, and can’t be there today.
Always know you’re in my Heart Forever there to stay.

This post was submitted by Penny Whipkey.

I love you mum

DownUp +2

You’ve been there for me
I’ve been here for you,
All the good and the bad times
That we have been through.

You welcomed me in
With arms opened wide,
Gave me a home to stay
When I was having a hard time.

When I have things on my mind
You’re the person I turn to,
‘Cause I know you will listen
And advise me what to do.

Whenever I am down
You notice straight away,
And can tell something’s up
Without me having to say.

Without you I’d be lost
Don’t know where I would be,
Because Donna you are more
Than just a cousin to me.

You’re a very close friend
To whom I can confide,
A sister I can come to
When I need some advice.

But most strongly of all
To me you’re like a mum,
Without you I don’t know
What I would have done.

There was a part of me
I tried so hard to find,
The part you brought back
Without having to try.

By allowing me
To just be who I am,
And not trying to control me
Like some others have.

My confidence has grown
Back to what it used to be,
Thanks to everything
That you’ve done for me.

And for this I will always
Be so grateful to you,
It was the one thing I needed
For someone to do.

So writing this poem
Is my way of thanking you,
And to show you how much
That I love you.

This post was submitted by Laura \\\'Lorenzo\\\' Thomas.

I’m so thankful that God made you my mom

DownUp +1

I’m so thankful that God made you my mom;
as you behold the face of our Jesus, Will you let him know;
I can’t wait to get to heaven and make my home up there!
Mom, I would love to send you flowers,
though their fading glory could never compare
to the beautiful sights of Heaven,
and your very own mansion up there.
I never thought so much about Heaven,
until you went there, I am ashamed to say.
As I have, since you’ve gone home, to that place up there
I miss your arms of love down here,
although your heart on earth could take no more,
I’m sure now, I long to see you there.
You see, this earthly home now seems more crazy here
Its glitter and glamour, can no more impress me;
that I am still here and you are not
But I know, Heaven is the place, of God’s truest riches –
Where our Father is, because He keeps all His Children there!
Since you turned and trusted in Jesus,
and lead me to do the same
an amazing thing has taken place;
Dwelling in the presence of Jesus now,
In Heaven – only because of His grace were you lead there to that place.
It’s your Best Mother’s Day in Heaven –
With everlasting joy and peace up there.
Pray for me here, till we are reunited there,
I know it will be beyond all I could ever compare.
Thank you Jesus for loving my mom, for just awhile,
then together soon
My Lord and my mom, I will be there soon, because,
you Showed me his Love here!
While, you were here, thank you Mom, I’ll soon be there.
In loving memory of my mom!

This post was submitted by Pastor Dennis Edelman.

Never Forgotten

DownUp -1

Together forever, never to part.
Her love comes straight from her heart.
She will always be remembered.
She will always be missed.
When the sun shines down,
from the clouds up above,
she will be smiling for all of those she loved.

This post was submitted by Amanda Beres.

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