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Happy Birthday

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Everyday we are blessed
Yet the day we were born we were made a blessing
That day we shed our tears of joy into this world
That day we felt a new era of our lives beginning
Time cannot change that day
Neither can the findings of science
Nor the makings of man change it
Time has made it history
Nature has made it a blessing
And God has made it an hour of value bestowed unto us all.
Happy Birthday

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.


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Tic toc tic toc when it twelve,

The day begins and I enjoy well,

Many papers and many words,

the day begins by sun n birds,

The special day for special one,

to unfolds the gifts wrapper,

The cakes full of candles,

The day full of wonders,

Birthday in life is the very special moment,

So, Don’t try to use dustbin to throw in it.

This post was submitted by Meghal Vadhvana.

Mom is to become 50

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It’s nifty
to become 50.
Your family will be holding
a party in your name.
There will be all
kinds of cake, candy
and drinks.
Please come early and
for Heavens sake don’t forget
your teeth.

This post was submitted by Frank HOulihan.

Birthday Advice

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It’s your birthday. What a fine day.
May kind blessings be with you.
You keep growing. Just keep knowing
Jesus will guide you through
All the dark times that may come this year.
He’ll be with you so live without fear.

I am pleading, keep on reading
The guiding compass of His Word.
It will keep you, all the day through,
Stable and firmly anchored.
With verses in memory and heart intertwined,
You’ll have the peace and wisdom that is often hard to find.

This post was submitted by Kara L. Kraemer.

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