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Spring time

DownUp +8

Tiny wildflowers sprouting up
Delicate stems and lovely petals
Dancing to the beat of the breeze
Among blades of sun kissed grass
The bluebird singing cheerily
Cobalt feathers standing out
In a light blue sky
Fluffy rabbits with wary eyes
Hop about the fields of spring
The rough bark of trees
Knotted and ancient
With owls homes tucked away
In their safe boroughs
The branches above in full bloom
With frail green leaves new and tender
The stream near by sings a song
With the tune of the rushing water
Floating slowly between the mossy banks
As if reluctant to leave the lively field.

This post was submitted by caro .

Summer and Fall

DownUp +3

Day and night ,So very alike
He’s the Summer, and she’s the Fall.
So graceful together, yet separated apart.
He comes by once in a while,
Just to see her smile.
And always misses by an inch,
So far away, So far away.

If he could only see
The dimness of her glee.
So close to taste, so close today.
Yet gone tomorrow, far away.
So far away.

He would wait for his time gone,
Till she comes back, pride in all.
And he would wait, for very moon after,
Wishing the stars would move on faster.

Yet the time never comes,
for that one special day,
When summer and fall finally
come to play.
When both season come at once,
To gaze deeper in romance.

To gaze deeper at the cause,
For nature’s natural laws.
Separated from the start,
From their long loving hearts.

This post was submitted by David Villanueva.


DownUp +4

Raindrops on my window
Oh what a dreary day,
But as i begin to ponder
I start to think of it in a new way.

Each little raindrop is a gift
No matter what it may bring,
For in that little raindrop is
A blessing our mouths do sing.

They cover the earth so gently
And it all Bridgett anew,
The grass that once was so withered,
Has come back refreshed with dew.

I thank my God the Creator
Who has made things so wonderfully well,
A place where all can worship,
And His heart of forgiveness tel!!!

This post was submitted by Mee.

Mother Nature

DownUp +2

The trees sway in the breeze,
Then sometimes I sneeze,
Rain falls down,
I drop to the ground,
Snow floats in the sky,
Snow angles, you and I,
Leaves falling through the air,
Then comes a wild bear,
Nature has the best feelings in the world,
If only it would last forever…

This post was submitted by Erin.


DownUp +1

I follow the narrow beaten path
knowing not where it leads
the sound of quietness
is interrupted by the
soft shuffling of leaves
stirring by the whips of a
gentle breeze
glittering beams of sun light
simmer through the trees
the sound of little birds
chirp cheerfully
while occasional chipmunks
chatter at play
breaking the silence
with comical antics
ferns bend across the path
in delicate beauty
berry bushes tempt the pallets
of path walkers
the miracle of Nature
abounds all around
with the whispers of Angels
guiding the way.

This post was submitted by simonne liberty.

Some words against the gun

DownUp +2

Keeping full trust on the Fulvia-hand loom
some words may be uttered now

some words against the gun
an winter …
some fallen leaves …
some cold wind …
and a big vacuum in mind …

with all those adornments
i’m sitting now
on the terrace of a shiva-temple

in front of me
in a pond covered with hyacinth
the water-play of the ducks

in its water
the shadow of the sky
the shadow of the trees

along the side of the pond
a little child is running alone
with a toy-ball in hand

i don’t wish to know now
whether there is any compares
to that run

i’m only sitting
and staring at

it may not be known to others
but i myself know well
that by speaking those words
I try to hide my sadness… my loneliness…

Oh… instead of gun-powder …
if i could put inside the quartos
any translation of this joy of the child …

those who rule rely on guns
those who want to break the rule
also rely on guns

today when my pen wants
to tell something against the gun
i don’t know whether it will go
in favor or against
the sky… the birds… the trees… mankind.

This post was submitted by murari sinha.

A Morning with Nature…By Chance…

DownUp +1

The dawn has just broken in,
the grass is wet…
And the leaves, the flowers
are coming to life
There are no sounds of vehicles,
but the chirping of birds,
and the pleasant sound of waterfall nearby
The air is as fresh as never before…
There is no crowd,
But the giant trees, calm and steady,
The wind is blowing,
making the trees and the grass
dance with happiness and joy,
and the burning red sun
is smiling it’s way up the mountains…
The scene is as clear as a crystal,
and everything has a beautiful yellow tinge to it,
It’s the magic of the sun rays
which makes your heart skip a beat
and makes you fall in love…
Never saw anything like this in city life,
Everything is so beautiful, silent and peaceful
Stuck in this forest since last night,
I was cursing my fate till now
But now I thank the creator of this world…
For making me spend a morning with nature
By chance…

This post was submitted by Nabil Bhatiya.

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