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Life is so shellfish…

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A name none would care about
but often we would see;
precious lives just like us
but they work on the street.

Who knows what pain they go through
sometimes we see them cry;
But neither do we care
If they live or die.

Its because of people like this
we do not live in mess;
They have no shame to stand and face us,
with their BBMP dress.

Life is so shellfish,
we think about OUR Goals;
Cause if you show a LITTLE Love,
you can also Save a Soul.

This Poem is written by Ryan Robin Jones.

This post was submitted by Ryan Robin Jones.


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What would you be
If you had to see
A world
Filled with loneliness and hate?
What would you do
If all around you
People were destined
To a horrible fate?
Take a look around you
and tell me what catches your eye.
Could it be the bully
Making little children cry?
Could it be the baby bird
Being left out because he can’t fly?
Could it be the racer
getting an unfair head start?
Could it be the victimized soul
Lying beneath your own heart?
Look beneath the happy faces
For unhappy or sad traces
And be sure to be kind
You wouldn’t want hate inside your mind.

This post was submitted by Anna.

The FEVER of 1793

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The fever came and started slow.
Only to end with the falling slow.
It started August 17, 1793.
It ended in December with the same memory.
This disease took the lives of many families.
It couldn’t be stopped even with the many remedies.
The town of Philadelphia no longer existed.
Except quiet allies and the crying that persisted.
Tears fell, while the bodies piled.
Everyone ran if only for a mile.
All the faces on the people were red.
Their eyes were swollen and nothing was said.
Robbers came into the houses of others.
They stole what wasn’t theirs from children without mothers.
People were running from the pain and sadness.
In hopes of forgetting and to stop all the madness.
Children without parents were running the streets.
With no place to stay and nothing to eat.
The strong people that were well enough to walk.
Helped the weak that were not well enough to talk.
The lost, the lonely, and the afraid.
Had no place to go and were too sick to stay
The ones still alive lived with the pain.
With the memory of the happening, and the time that it came.
It took their friends, sisters, and brothers.
Made them fear life, and the voices of others.
This is the fever that overtook a city.
Destroyed many lives and left others with pity.
The fever came without a limit.
Now it’s silent, if only for a minute.

This post was submitted by ashlee mefferd.

Dream Last Night

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I saw a dream yesterday and got up frightened

My heart sank and hands were tightened

Thought to change the mood and went for shopping

Saw a little boy at the shop cleaning and mopping

My heart melted and I started to think

Why someone is a slave while others are king

All I conclude is that fate is not unbiased to all

Few fighting for survival, rests are shopping at mall

I realized it because my dream was somewhat same

I was a child labor without any identity and name

Couldn’t stop myself from talking to the boy at the shop

And Complained against that heartless employer to the cop

Felt little content and touched with that little guy

Bought him something to eat and wear and a small toy

Gave all my money for helping him and felt proud

We can also help others though belongs to normal crowd.

This post was submitted by vaishali.


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Born with a curse, beginning with a cry,
Left the Heaven for this World to try
And to inundate their lives with joys and love,
Do any magic verses could cure them and how?

Starving in the dark, they wonder;
Perverting – being born here was their blunder.
Daunted they make a step, but never knew where,
Frail they are since blind they were.

Twice as lonely as like the Moon,
Living with the love to see this World soon.
Care, aid and senses they need,
Reach things slowly as they are weed.

None could explain them what a color is,
Its also the ugly sins they miss.
Wish, may all the blinds see the World – rather
The World should not see any blind further.

This post was submitted by Abdul Rahman SK.

Never Far Away

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Written by: Gabrial Lynn

If you never forget, but never regret
Though life doesn’t seem quite right, just yet
You think he is gone, when you close your eyes
But if you can still remember, then that love never dies

When your warmth is gone, and you’re left in the cold
Where do you go, when good feelings are now old?
What can fill that hole, that’s left in your heart
Your fire is now salty, your sweet is now tart

You feel that he is in the past, and the past is now gone
Waiting for the future, that seems to drag on
But did you know, that he is watching you in the present?
No more pain, no more hurt, simply loving and pleasant

He wishes he could hold you now, though he is NEVER far away
He wishes you would feel his warmth, to make the tears go away
He is waiting at the gates, when it’s time to let you in
To share the pain-free beauty, no more sadness, no more sin

So make each day a blessing, make him smile once again
Cause’ it won’t be long till you will be reunited, my friend
Life is only one step god provides us with, you have no clue
For he is waiting for you in heaven, excited to spend eternity with you

This post was submitted by Gabrial Lynn.

One’s view at life

DownUp +17

Its scary, when you see life as seen through these eyes,
You feel sympathy for yourself, as pity is what you live on,
Just as a human should, you think there will be that time when it all just works out,
But reality gives you no time to dream, it hits again as if you caused offense to it,
The pity i live on, is the lowest level, one dare not respect one self, one dare not think ‘happy’,
I am wrong to say happiness, love, or life is over rated,
I am wrong to say anything i think,
I am what i am, i can’t try and be what they want me to be,
They want this, they want that, they live not their own life, they run many.
You can’t decide, you can’t help yourself, ones word confuses you,
You feel there will be a time when, you look at this and make it a lesson for others

This post was submitted by Mahabba.

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