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His Sacrifice

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We joined for the danger,the bravery and fame.
This would make us known, to us it was a game.

The excitement was high. Tom and I joked about,
how we’d win and be honored. There wasn’t a doubt.

We departed at once, across the big bridge.
Our troops marched for days ‘Till we’d reached Vimy Ridge.

Our commander took charge, we’d reached the front line.
Hard bread and cold water were our turkey and wine.

I started to realize I’d made a mistake.
There was no turning back, no new choices to make.

Early that morning the call came around.
As we raced to get up the men hid behind mounds.

The first sound of cannons filled my ears with ringing.
It was my first glance at what the day would be bringing.

I fought how they taught me, just how I was trained.
I glanced over at Tom, his expression was pained.

He looked on and shot, and I saw the man fall.
“Daniel get down!” I heard Tom call.

It stung as it struck me, my arm felt aflame.
The reality hit me, this wasn’t a game.

Tom grabbed me quickly, and wrapped up my arm.
They sent me away, to be out of harm.

A week in a bed till the call came through.
“He gave us a letter, to give to you.”

My hands trembled lightly as I picked up the sheet.
I started to read, Tom’s writing was neat.

“Hey Danny it’s me, if you’re reading I’m gone.
I’m writing this quick cause it’s already dawn.

They’re coming toward us, I can feel the ground shake.
In just a few minutes the men will awake.

I guess we were wrong Dan, we joined all for naught.
The trenches are foul, the food’s never hot.

Danny, I love you, try to be smart.
You’ll be fine, don’t worry, you’ve got a good heart.

Tell Dad that I’ll miss him, Say I love you to Mom.
Don’t ever forget me, Goodbye, this is Tom.”

I never forgot Tom, never, I swear,
and no Tom we weren’t wrong, we made the world care!

This post was submitted by Sally B.

The Fallen Ones

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The battlefields a lonley place
where shells and death abound
Where shots ring out and men and boys
fall dead upon the ground

Do not weep for us they’ll say
our pain and hurt is past
When we were called to duty
we did it to the last.

So rest in peace my valiant ones
your duty now is done
We won’t forget the price that’s
paid by each and ever one

We pray that what you died for
will remain within out hearts
For those brave souls who lay beneath
the fields of foreign parts

So wear your poppy now with pride
and honour the memory of all who died

This post was submitted by Cliff Bullock.


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Hear the children’s crying
See the soldiers dying
Upon this dark unhappy doom
Pondering with heart of gloom

Their life was hold by the weapon
Guns and fires and cannons
Blood flows everywhere
Smell of hatred in the air

Trouble and wounded heart
Completely devastated with wrath
My native land covers with gore
Ruled by a heart of tormentor

Set aside thy agonizing cry
From this conflict we say goodbye
And see our children’s happy
Hear their laughter and proud hurray

This post was submitted by vergene bacordo.

The Price Of War

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I’ve born a Son
Now the time has come
He goes to war on a forign shore
What will return after he is done

I am now old and He is far away
What will He become my only Son
I Pray, for his safe return
Just like he left, His life not done

Must he return time after time
Chance limb and life in another land
What s price he pays, till the war is won
Mychild, my only Son

Must He learn to kill, a mothers Son
And what will be won, when war is done
When he comes home, will he be whole
Or maybe he won’t God rest his soul

I’ll bare no more to send to war
To whom do I owe this sacrafice
Offer my only Son to give his life
Had I known, there would be no Son

This post was submitted by W H Rayburn.


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If you really want peace –
Then you will have to do battle for it;
And war can only cease…
With oppression no longer a habit.

This post was submitted by Gabriel Caine.

Grave Thoughts

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No longer am I breathing,
As I lie beneath the ground,
Though once my rage was seething,
It does not make a sound,

My heart which was pounding,
Is lifeless in my chest,
My virtue, so resending,
I did it for the best,

Many dead lay at me feet,
And now I lie at theirs,
My assignments I did try to meet,
And honour my forebears,

My lungs which once were gasping,
Are airless in the earth,
The memories, ever grasping,
I’ll have no second birth,

The deaths I caused are countless,
And yet I buried none,
So many call me heartless,
For killing their beloved sons,

I was a devoted Nazi,
Or perhaps a mindless slave,
For no one comes to mourn me,
Or lay flowers at my grave.

This post was submitted by Alice.

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