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It’s Too Late.

DownUp +2

I know who I am, but no thanks to you.
It was all him, who taught me the truth.
You were gone, nowhere in sight.
Then I met him, everything turned bright.
I grew up never knowing you, never wanting to.
Because I had him, I was just fine without you.
This is the truth, for I would not lie.
That is a promise I do comply.
You are not my father, nor will you ever be.
I have someone who has always been there for me.
Don’t try to care now because it is too late;
you had sixteen years but now, for you,
my heart is full of hate.
He is my father and has been since I was five,
I know that I can count on him until the end of time.
He will be the one walking me down the aisle;
The one who will be called grandpa when I have a child.
I hope you are happy with the decision you’ve made;
No go to your new family, you have a life to retain.

This post was submitted by Stephanie Moody..

I hate you

DownUp +1

Days to remember, Days to forget.
Days to consume, and days to regret.
i lived life so full of joy,
but now it seems to all be destroyed.
So now i stand here staring.
and all you have to say is i don’t love you.
you broke my heart so many times,
your words filled with hate and lies.
I don’t want you to go away.
but all you do is make me change.
what a life
oh what a day.
now i got something i got to say.
this isn’t a joke it isn’t a game.
you make me mad
now you must pay.
I hate you so much.
you probably know that.
enough is enough
I’m never coming back.

This post was submitted by aby.

Forget You

DownUp +4

I hate u,yes i do
u forgot me,boo hoo
now u think i am crying
but what did i do
oh wait i forgot u and now i hate u
thank u for hurting me
like i care
i will shoot u if i dare
mess with me and i will mess with u
but when it comes down to it u now its true
i really really REALLY do hate u………
and yes its true.

This post was submitted by alleson.


DownUp +1

Your eyes as green as the meadow grass
you skin as smooth as freshly pressed glass
your hair as black as the night we kissed
your smile that i will always miss
your heart was worm to my surprise
but now it turned into a block of ice
your eyes have changed
your skin is hard
our paths now split apart
i loved you for a blink of an eye
until you spoke your first lie
never again would you see my face
cause for now and forever
you would be my disgrace.

This post was submitted by Amica Theunissen.

Go Die

DownUp 0

You Said you would care
You Said you would be there
You Said I was your number one
You Said you’re done.
I feel like crying
I feel like dying
Why would you do that to me?
Why push me away?
You Said, “I promise.”
You Said, “I can’t do this.”
You Said, “Goodbye.”
I said, “Go die!”

This post was submitted by Arjun.

Sick of It

DownUp +130

I’m sick of always caring,
And I’m sick of being there.
I’m sick of being your comfort,
When no one else seems to care.

I’m sick of the way you treat me,
And how you treat everyone else.
I’m sick of the way you diss me,
When I turn up at your house.

I’m sick of always giving,
And getting nothing in return.
And I’m sick of forgetting,
What I’ll probably never learn.

I’m sick of you and your crap,
And I’m sick of all your flirting.
I’m sick of all your girly friends,
I’m sick of all this hurting.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

Its My Time

DownUp +37

I don’t want to laugh,
I don’t want to cry,
i don’t even want to smile and say hi
So leave me the hell alone!

If you leave me alone
i might get back to reality,
Right now my mind is blank,
my heart weak
and my life is falling apart.

Who can understand me?
Where do i belong?
Can i trust the love of my life?
These are the questions that run through my life.

Right now i am an empty shell
i have no emotions
or feelings.
I am alive
but only just

I can see the blood
dripping from my arm
I don’t want to live
I am almost dead
Thank you God
My time has finally come….

This post was submitted by dearae.

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