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Older Sisters

DownUp +4

They know all my secrets,
And you keep them to yourself.

When I get hurt they help me up,
They never leave me standing alone.

They are the best in the world,
And they would never leave me.

But they are older,
So all 3 of us are forced to go our separate ways.

I will always love my older sisters,
Till death and beyond.

This post was submitted by kady.


DownUp +1

We grow as years pass
timeless we seem like an hour glass
Dreams, Thoughts, and Fears,
give us the strength with very little tears
close at hear
we remain
even if we may seem far apart
you don’t judge me nor do i judge you
everything you do or still do
im glad to have a sister
a sister just like you
i love you <3

This post was submitted by Alexa.

Angel Sister

DownUp +1

Time goes by so very fast,
When your heart aches every day,
I can’t believe a year has past,
And your are far away.

I loved you than,
And I love you now,
I long to see your happy smile,
And hear your voice so low.

I look at pictures in my book,
And every time I cry,
I hope someday that I can look’
And be happy deep inside.

You were a great mother,
And a great sister too,
I will love you forever,
And I’ll always be with you.

This post was submitted by Reta Kuhn.


DownUp +3

You are my beautiful sista,
You have a heart so loving and kind,
You are my most precious treasure,
That one can ever find.
I m so lucky to have you,
You are so special for me,
Without you my life would ‘ve been barren,
Therefore there for each other we had to be.
I want to see you happy,
I want to see you smiling,
I wish you prosperity and good health,
I want your name bright and shining.
God has made you my beautiful sista,
Your kind thoughts are like drops of dew,
He has made you gorgeous,
You ‘v the qualities God has blessed only few.

This post was submitted by saba.


DownUp +1

Sister, sister, next to me
Even though sometines we might disagree
I love you forever and that is a fact
And Ill keep my word and never go back
Sometimes were friends and somtimes were enamies
I think people call us really good frenimies
Your like a sweet cake with a tart filling
And sometimes you make me feel like Im killing
But in the end we are always friends
We are friends to the end.

This post was submitted by Brianna Shirling.

My sister

DownUp +95

Things are so scary because they’re uncertain,
I wish my sister, would just stop hurting.

She has a disease, that seems to be winning,
Her head is so cloudy,
And her faith keeps thinning.

It’s hard to watch her eat,
Without using her hands,
And watching the doctors empty,
Those ensure cans.

She is depressed,
Deep down very sad,
Daily focusing,
On the past,

To when we lost, what most people still have.

We were really young,
It happened, several years ago
It was really hard being forced,
To let our mother go.

She thinks she could’ve saved her,
There’s no way she could of,
But now she feels guilty
Thinking she should’ve

Her disease was passed on,
Passed on to my sister
Now it’s got her trapped,
Like Dorothy in the twister.

She’s stuck in the cyclone,
Watching everything fly by
As we’re all watching her,
Pondering why?

Why does she do this?
Why can’t she stop?
Why can’t she see the beauty?
Given to her by God?

She is my twin
She is my sister
But he’s so caught up in that twister,
What if she leaves, all we could do is miss her.

I hope one day,
That she will wake up,
Eat breakfast,
And not want to throw up.

She’ll realize she’s beautiful,
And she’ll realize she’s strong,
She’ll realize she’s perfect
And there was never anything wrong.

This post was submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

I love the girl that looks like me (My Twin)

DownUp +22

I love the girl that looks like me
We’ve been together, since I could remember
I love the girl that looks like me
Stupid insults passed, between her and me
Short little fights, because we couldn’t agree,
But I love the girl that looks like me
We always used to say we’re not friends we’re sisters,
but now that she’s stuck in that turbulent twister
She’s the best friend that could be,
I love that girl that looks like me.

I just wish she’d open her eyes and be okay
saw reality in a different way,
drop her worries and let them be,
I love that girl that looks like me.
When she came running to greet me
I was sure the twister was shirking,
the winds would stay steady
but that’s not certain
all that could be,
is love that girl that looks like me.
her good days are sporadic and tend to roam
her recovery is like the song they sing about Rome
but despite what goes wrong,
I love that girl that will soon be home

This post was submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

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