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The Wedding Boat

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Today you have stepped into your wedding boat
Sailing to a trip that God only knows
But He wants the two of you to know
That He is on board the way to show
All you have to do, is this,
Bring your compass into line with His.

Then He will show you how to love and how to share
How to forgive and how to care
How to be patient and share some kindness,
when storms of life brings spiritual blindness
Trust Him in everything, no matter how big
He is able to provide, that’s one of His gifts.

Never start your day with running and racing
Take time to read the Word, to pray and to praise Him
Fast if you must and seek God’s face
Then victory is yours and abundantly His grace
The windows of heaven, He will open up wide
And showers of blessings He will pour upon your lives.

When times of trouble are crossing your way,
Sing and rejoice in the Lord all day.
Yes, shout hallelujah, let the enemy know,
He is defeated and under your big toe
Stand on God’s promises, no matter what,
Let faith be your source, cause He’s worthy all that.

Dear couple in Christ, you see what I mean
If you do all these things, your life is at peace.
No need to panic with the Lord on board,
Cause He’ll keep your boat always on course
So focus on Him and not on men,
Then your sailing trip will have a happy end.

This post was submitted by Irene.

Love Through Time

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Hair tied back now flecked with grey
Brings memories of times that have long gone away
When summers were long
And winters were hard
Our eyes met and held in the old school yard

I knew you were mine from our first clumsy kiss
Cold noses just touching
Such heavenly bliss…

And many years later you walk down the aisle
Your father beside you proud tears through his smile
Then standing together your blue eyes meet mine
I love you as much as when we were just nine

This post was submitted by Elaine.

Divorce Preventions

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Congrats my friends! Your marriage will live long.
Unless someone is dishonest, and does completely wrong.

I’m not saying it will happen, just keep it in mind.
It’s happened to me, I got kicked in the behind.

Out the door I was, never seen again.
But I do not regret it, for he was a bad man.

Just trust each other, with your heart and head.
For the next thing to happen, is some hoe in your bed.

Know the password to his phone, and his calls before dinner.
Check his messages on Facebook and his tweets posted on Twitter.

Make sure he goes to work, with no stops in between.
Know the gossip that goes on around the coffee machine.

If this is way too much, then I’d call you a chicken.
He’s gunna leave one day with all your property and children.

This post was submitted by Taylore.

The Woman Of My Dreams

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I have something to say that is most certaily true.
You’re still as beautiful as the day when I married you.
Each and every time that I see you, I feel an undying love.
You’re the woman of my dreams and you’re all that I think of.

It’s pure heaven every time we hug or kiss.
We’ve been married for twenty years and it’s still bliss.
I have another thing to say and I hope it’s something you can see.
If we live to be two hundred, you’ll be the only woman for me.

This post was submitted by Randy Johnson.


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A dream of the enchanted sort,
Now a repetitive reminiscence.
A princess in her white gown,
Floating, towards perpetual bliss.
An angelic silhouette waiting for her,
Amid a radiant saintly white light.
Her lengthily blonde hair,
Beauty radiating her sophistication.
Not lingering for the gent he is,
But rather the woman he makes her.
The greatest part of their connection,
Is falling in love unswervingly with him.

Every diurnal now an unwritten tale of love,
A benediction conducted from above.

This post was submitted by Victoria Blaker.

My Joy & Happiness

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I never doubted if you were the right woman for me
but I doubted myself if I can love you,
care for you as we grow together and
I stare into your beautiful brown eyes.
I cherish every moment I spend with you
and I say to myself thank God for sending an angel to me.
Every time I hug you and kiss you,
The angels up in heaven are joyful.
You are my friend, my love and my wife
and I’m proud to be your husband
As we start a new begging,
Me as your husband and you as my wife.

This post was submitted by Francis .

The Special Day

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I woke up this morning,
And hopped out of bed
I started to get ready,
Because soon I would be newly wed

I hurried up,
And got to the beach
I began to put my dress on,
As I heard people preach

The music started to play,
I put myself in my place
Started walking down the aisle,
With my eyes glued to your face

I got to where,
We were standing side by side
I began to think,
And started to cry

We said our vows,
Slowly to one another
And got lost in each others eyes,
We didn’t want this moment to be over

The preacher said,
You may kiss the bride
You moved the veil away from my face,
And it was me that you would find

As the moment ended,
You swept me off my feet
It was me that you wanted,
Forever and ever to keep…

This post was submitted by Kodie.

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