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I Pray For You Josh

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Tonight is the night
that my brother won’t see the light.
my little brother is strong
we saw he was all along.

He is fighting for his life tonight
and it is a horrible sight
to see him like this
and think that he might be gone
and i would miss another a minute with him.
I pray to you to give him
all the strength to fight for his life
and make sure he can see another day with me.
God i am on my knee tonight
asking you for something so great
but i see his heart rate going down
all i see on my face is a frown.

I put him in your hands tonight
he needs to fight
tell him, keep on telling him not to
give up and i am here by his side
and i have cried
many times but ill be fine
when i know he is alright and lying
right there beside me.
I love you more than the world.

This post was submitted by Shannen.


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He made me
As well as he made you
Just open your heart to him
and all your dreams will come through he did it for me
he’ll do the same for you.

Never say never
Go on your knees and say a prayer
He is always listening and don’t forget to pray with faith.

Nothing happens unless you believe
trust in him your heart he will relieve
He did it for me
He will do it for you.

This post was submitted by Melissa Peay.


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As you drop to your knees in pray today,
As you tell God your hopes, struggles, and fears,
Remember each thought and word you say
Is a Whisper in God’s ear today.

Tell Him what concerns you,
Ask Him to calm your fears,
And if you look closely–you can see
God smiling through your tears.

When illness comes your way,
And nothing you can do,
Don’t fill your heart with fear,
Just put your Faith in God,
For you Know He’s always near.

When you kneel to Him in prayer,
He will teach you how to cope,
For when you put your trust in Him,
Your Faith will give you hope.

Thank Him for your many blessings,
For the special closeness you share!
Open your heart and receive His love,
And know it’s always there

This time of prayer is special–today–
Sharing words only He can hear.
Because each thought and word you say
Is a Whisper in God’s ear today.

This post was submitted by S. Epps.

Looking Out My Window

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When I look out my window at the wonders of our land,
I find it very difficult and hard to understand.
Some people say there is no God and others they agree,
when they look out there windows I wonder what they see.

I see a bright sun shining in a sky of azure blue
and down across the earth it casts it’s rainbow hue.

Wild flowers in the meadow nod as if to say hello
to mountains in the distance capped with spring’s last snow.

Over there a little brook runs merrily along
while up in our old oak tree a robin sings his song.

I hear the laughter of my children as they run about in play
and I know that only God could have made this perfect day.

This post was submitted by Beverly Snyder.

“Let Love Abound.”

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Let my light shine for all to see.
Let it glimmer brightly.
Hold it up on a high hill that overlooks the town.
It can be seen from miles around.

Open the eyes of the blind O’ Lord.
That they may see and follow your word.
Let your fountain flow for the soul in need.
Water and plant your sacred seed.

Let love abound from our hearts with care,
that people may flock from everywhere.
Needs are met, hearts are mended,
God’s people carefully tended.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

“Holy Spirit Divine.”

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Holy Spirit Divine,
fill my bottle with this new wine.
You will lead me through trials that purify me, true.
My heart will come out as sparkling gold,
bless me, Lord, as I praise you.

Holy Spirit Divine,
guide these feet of mine.
Straight and narrow they go,
on a Heavenly path, I know.

Holy Spirit Divine,
God, you’re with me the whole time.
You guide me the whole way.
You’re only a prayer away.
Holy Spirit Divine.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.


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When you feel alone
feeling that there is no one
dnt hesitate to look up above

above the is a man who is always available
he is never too busy to hear your story
or to solve your problem
or to wipe your tears

any thing that is making your life hard
its just for a moment
we are going home
were there are no sorrows nor death and pain

just kneel down and look up above
there is a master who make impossibilities to be possible.

This post was submitted by Mgilane Yoliswa.

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