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DownUp +6

Closure to an open heart
is painful indeed
but its whats best for me
tired of looking back on all the memories
and all the could have be’s
time to close my heart for good
those times has passed
though your love will always be dear to me
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
you made the choice
but i made the mistake
though i leave with one regret
I knew it was on me
but time will pass and that goes away
we will always be friends
in a sort of way
you was my first everything
as I yours
but now its time to say our goodbyes
for now anyways
this is closure
and its best for me.

This post was submitted by karli.

My Last Farewell to You

DownUp +7

I have this feeling,
That my love for you has no more meaning.
What I thought of you, I have no more intent.
I leave you with no fragment of love any further extent.

Take back the life you stole from my soul,
My heart is the one that paid the toll
I’ll write you this last goodbye,
And look at the night sky as time goes by.

You came into my heart,
And you made it fall apart,
Now I claim you no longer my sweetheart.
Your welcome is long gone,
I watch you go till dawn.

I open my mind and let it unwind,
My thoughts all inclined,
Words I own I give you,
My hearts need to be rescued.

My trust was my last defense,
Mind and heart felt so immense.
I threw with you,
So long, at last I say goodbye no further adieu.

Ill set you free as I need to mend,
We can always just be great friends
I can see through your act,
My heart is now intact.

I moved on and so should you,
We can always be best friends no need to be down so blue,
Unless you can steal my heart,
Or mend these broken parts,
I can’t see why I should love you,
Unless we can go back from the start.

This is probably the last poem I make just for you,
There’s nothing left I can do.
You were something that I did virtue,
Even if you never had a clue.

This is my last goodbye,
Ill standby.
I won’t take back what has done,
The truth I can’t outrun.

This post was submitted by Paul C,.

The Person I Thought I Knew

DownUp +3

For the first time in my life
i’m finally seeing the truth
I went through all the pain
and torture u put me through
I’m done with the pain that you cause
I truly love you with all my heart
but you’ll never change your ways
So i’m not gonna go back to you
just so i can go through this again
Why do you do this to me
Every time i say goodbye you apologize
you keep saying you are change for me
but i know the truth and its a lie
Im sorry but i have to say goodbye to the pain & sorrow
and To the person i thought I knew.

This post was submitted by morgan cook.


DownUp +1

We love you both
Nothing was in the way
Until HE came along
We had a hard time saying goodbye but
That wasn’t all
Everyday was miserable
Nothing to do every minute
We miss you but you didn’t have to say goodbye
You just could have stayed but
You had to go with them
We hate what they did to you
We love you no matter what but
no matter what happens boy
We have to say goodbye to you.

This post was submitted by Flora.


DownUp +1

Daddy whys it my fault
Daddy please don’t hit me
Daddy I know you didn’t mean it
Daddy it just wasn’t meant to be
Daddy mum told me you wanted a boy
And she blames me for your mistakes
Daddy if I weren’t a girl would I
Bring you more joy and grace

Daddy you don’t drink, you don’t
Smoke you don’t do anything bad
But why does looking at me
Make you go very mad
Daddy I don’t get it
I don’t know how to be good
If I were more of a boy would you
Treat me more like you should

Daddy I think you should know
I don’t blame you I don’t
Daddy I just wanted you to be there
When they put me down here
Daddy I know in my heart
Even though it is small
That I would be there for
You and I will stand tall

I’m in a better place now Daddy
With bronze, silver and gold
I can smile bright and high
And it never gets cold
Daddy I know you’ve done wrong
But I forgive you for that
Daddy never let me go and just hold on
And I’m certain you’ll come back

And now Daddy I have to go
I have somewhere to be
But I will leave this poem
On my head stone for you to see
Come back and read it one day in time
For my head stone says
I Love You and Goodbye.

This post was submitted by Pania Ferrall.

Love is suicide

DownUp +6

My love isn’t enough,
For it never will be.
She has always been better,
so now i’m writing this letter.
This is the letter were it will be m last goodbye,
So please don’t cry.
Why have i never been the one you picked?
Am I that bad?
I gave you my all,
willing to let my self fall.
I figured you would catch me if you care.
Now im falling through thin air.
While I hold my hands out for you to take me,
but instead I fall to the ground and it breaks me.
Don’t you understand my heart is like a piece of glass.
If you drop it, its likely to shatter.
What do you care?
im dieing for you, and all you do is stare!
I could be laying on the floor bleeding.
While you rather stay with a girl you caught cheating.
I love you.
Now im walking out the door,
my blood now pouring.
I doubt you will see me in the morning.
Good luck with her.
Im sure my love is nothing but a blur.
I am slowly dieing for you,
my skin turning to blue.
Wont you save me?
Im giving you one last chance.
But of course,
you pick her.
So now im on my way home,
feeling all alone.
I grab a knife.
not thinking twice.
So I stab my heart.
Now you want me?
too late.
Dying alone is my fate.

This post was submitted by Jessica ELlis.

A Good goodbye

DownUp +2

When you begin life
you have nothing to succeed,
no goals or expectations,
you don’t need any of those.

It’s like saying you start out like a tree seed,
you know just when it’s your time to go shine,
to feel the power you did not have when you were alive.

You listen carefully to the spirit who is talking
to you from above,
he says it’s your time to shine.

Your time to begin your new life,
not being in pain,
to succeed everything
you did not succeed a second ago.

When you enter the light,
you know that you have to
leave your loved ones
with hope in their eyes.

That you soon will be free of your pain.

All you can do now is remember the life
you had in you,
and realize it was all worth while.

Don’t worry about your family,
they know you did not want to leave them,
but they also know you had to.

And to say a good goodbye….

This post was submitted by Sarah.

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