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A New Day

DownUp +30

Make a fresh start to a new day
Encouraging all goodness to stay
Thinking of things anew and true
Bringing out the best in you
To enjoy wonderful things around
Appreciating the day you found
What a beauty each day beholds
Just as we have always been told
With greetings we will often say
Hello! And- have a nice day.

This post was submitted by Victoria Black.

Eagles Flight

DownUp +4

As I am driving my Harley, through the valleys and heights
I remember my dream for the Eagles flight
I’m driving it freely, forcing it hard
After enjoying a bottle of Jack
Being abandoned from all of my friends
In times of trouble close to my dead
I vowed in the Heavens watching the flight
I’ll fire the engine and drive to the stage
Learning from the Eagle, I’ll drive for revenge
Having the bottle, I’ve confessed
I was doing the impossible, giving my best
I was helping the relatives and all of my friends
But watching the Eagle, watching his flight
I learned about freedom and alone how to fight

Learn from the Eagle
He will teach you to fly
How to drive for a freedom
How to run from your cage
How to cope with all seasons
How to fly for revenge
Learn from the Eagle
Be the one and the best
Honor this freedom
don’t give up and rest

As I am driving my Harley, I am feeling so tough
I am feeling the freedom, healing my heart
If I see any motel I’ll kill the engine
Sit on the bar and order some Jack
Remembering battles of all of my life
I found only freedom in driving my bike
I found the wisdom in the Eagles flight

I’m driving it freely, forcing it hard
After enjoying a bottle of Jack
I don’t pay attention, don’t follow rules
I can hear only groan, the engines pulse
Feeling like an Eagle, on by my own
I’m showing the people that, the road is my home.

This post was submitted by Petar Rusinov.

Fruity Decision

DownUp +4

You can wait for the fruit to fall,
or you can climb the tree to get the fruit or cut the tree so the whole tree comes down and then you get the fruit.
Decision taken will lead to the consequences to face.
Waiting is risk free but risky as well,
to the fact that someone else may get it instead.
Killing the tree means satisfaction now but what about the future?
Climbing the tree…Chances of getting hurt are high if you fall.
But without pain there is no gain.
You have to give out something to receive something in return.
Just make sure before you make any decision,
you check out all the options available.
For whatever decision you make can either be charity or treachery.

This post was submitted by imran.

Appreciating The Smaller Things in life

DownUp +11

We sometimes think that because we don’t have everything,
Life’s not great,
There will always be times in life that we really enjoy and times we really hate,
We never seem to concentrate on the positive things we have achieved,
Only focusing on the times which we have been upset and deceived.

Too experience a bad life, is too know what its like to have nothing,
To work towards having something,
To dream of having everything.
Having only hope and faith to hold onto,

Us that are comfortable and have every thing we need,
We are full of selfishness and unnecessary greed,
Constantly criticizing the life that we share
We never appreciate the things that are there.

We should pray and say thanks for what we have day to day,
As tomorrow could be the day when these things may be taken away!

This post was submitted by Shaunna Akintunde.

Set yourself free

DownUp +4

Behind that smile they was a broken heart,
A hurting women whose life was torn apart.

Each day through hard and long,
A group named ‘OPTIONS’ was there to make her strong.

One thing she learn’t that was a must,
Was to open her heart and begin to trust.

Now this women life is back on the mend,
She thought this nightmare would never end.

The group named ‘OPTIONS’ made her strong,
And now believes she was never in the wrong.

So people out there you are not on your own,
‘OPTIONS’ is there to help put things right.
Now this women sleeps safe at night.

So dont be afraid and walk out that door,
Pluck up that courage to give them a call.

The strength you gain you will see,
Now its time to set yourself free.

This post was submitted by angie.


DownUp +4

Life is like a flower.
A flower so delicate like a child.
Parents so careful with the flower not wanting to hurt it.

A flower that has fallen so many times before.
Trying to get on the right path.
Almost dieing but finally had got help.

Help for the parents had finally got on the right track.
Now the flower is prettier than ever.
Doing well and holding its gound not giving up what it believe’s in.

This post was submitted by Rachel Peters .


DownUp +1

A River flows through hills and valleys
and never does it stop on its way,
never does its courage sway
because its journey is never ending,
here and there it keeps on bending,
for it has to join the ocean,
with its perpetual motion.

it goes on and on
never does it frown
it never stops anywhere
for it has no fear
of becoming weak
all it does seek,
is to join the ocean,
with its perpetual motion.

This post was submitted by Palash Karia.

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