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I Pray For You Josh

DownUp +5

Tonight is the night
that my brother won’t see the light.
my little brother is strong
we saw he was all along.

He is fighting for his life tonight
and it is a horrible sight
to see him like this
and think that he might be gone
and i would miss another a minute with him.
I pray to you to give him
all the strength to fight for his life
and make sure he can see another day with me.
God i am on my knee tonight
asking you for something so great
but i see his heart rate going down
all i see on my face is a frown.

I put him in your hands tonight
he needs to fight
tell him, keep on telling him not to
give up and i am here by his side
and i have cried
many times but ill be fine
when i know he is alright and lying
right there beside me.
I love you more than the world.

This post was submitted by Shannen.

Big Brother

DownUp 0

You beat me up
you called me a jerk
you told me i was stupid
but that didn’t hurt
you then around
and told me one thing
that you will never be the same
a few years down the room
we went separate ways
but then everything changed
i got older and you did to
and i never heard from you
then on a day that i couldn’t believe
you told to come visit
so i packed my bags and came to see you
and then it all happened
you gave me a hug and said i missed you and i was that i had big brother back

This post was submitted by anoymous.


DownUp 0

Are you my brother or a lover, brother?

Are you my friend or a brother??

Are you my god or a brother??

Yes, you are all in one single designation, “BROTHER”!!

You are my brother full of joy

Few things in my life that I enjoy

Always loves to play in the park
But afraid of the dark

A brother like you with a smile of mine
a twin brother
born a year younger,
But of a single heartbeat and mine forever…..

He always loves to smile and trickle
you know what!! It’s worth a while.

We have loved, laughed, and grew up together,
through good and bad weather…

My lovely brother is far away from my reach
I’m sad when I search

But Remember dear brother
the minute you bother
dear little brother!!
Your sister will always sacrifice her happiness
for your sake and forever …..

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

I Love You Anyway

DownUp +44

You aren’t the dream brother
You can ruin my day
You make me cry at night
I wish you were normal
That you didn’t have behavior disorders
I wish that when I hugged you
You’d hug me back
I wish that when I told you I loved you
You’d love me back
One day I know you will
But for now, I love you anyway

This post was submitted by Your Sister.

Dear Jeff

DownUp +13

God’s sending his angels and you’re awaiting their arrival.
We’re all praying for your survival.

You’re only twenty-eight,
But you’ve been dealt this sorrowful fate.

Jelanie’s by your side, as you lay,
All day, everyday.

Wishing you were better in every way.
Because she loves you, and wants you to be okay.

But all she can do is watch you lay
And pray to God for another day.

Days came, and days went
Tears were spilled,
And prayers were sent.

They did all they could do,
But now we’re here missing you.

You’re in a better place, this we know
But nobody wanted you to go.

As night turned to dusk,
The angels came and you
Left us.

So many people miss you and wish you were here
but we know you’re safer up there.

Free from pain,
Free from harm,
Resting safely in
The Lord’s arms.

This post was submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

My brother

DownUp +51

It all starts with a joint
or maybe even a gun point.

you do things before you think
but It can all happen In one blink.

you say you get a feeling you can’t explain
but sometime we just end up in pain.

we ask you why you do It
& you say It brings you through It.

It’s a shame to see you throw it all away
when at the begging it was all okay.

I look at your eyes red as an apple
& hope someday we’ll be at your wedding chapel.

I hope you find the good in life
like getting money or finding a wife.

I love you because you’re my brother
but someday I wanna be like my mother.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

Missing my brother

DownUp +59

Brother I miss you so much,
I lay in bed at night thinking of you,
Crying, trying to figure out,
What to do,
Why did he take your life?

As you lay in the hospital fighting for your life,
He sits in a room thinking of what he has done wrong,
Maybe he will get prison maybe he will die,
But taking your life will never be a lie,
The hammer to your head,
As you lay in your bed,
Fighting him off,
Pushing him away,
He gets to run,
You fight it out,
To save Ryans life,
Enough strength to dial out,
Helicopters come,
Rush you in,
Tubs in your mouth,

Two days after,
Machines start beeping, while we are sleeping,
I jump up wondering what’s wrong,
Who was to know that was the day you would be gone,
Watching slowly you letting go,
I cry by your bed side when they tell me something I never wanted to know,
I fall from weakness,
Thinking I will never see you again,
Who was to know you would be leaving,
Alone in the world,
I sit and wonder,
What to do now?
That man that took your life,
He took our hearts,
Who would have known?
I sit here all alone.

I love you

This post was submitted by jennifer.

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