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Lost In Your Embrace

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I never knew I didn’t exist before you
You looked into my eyes and saw the real me
never judging, always there
you saw what others could not see.

I was more myself with you than ever
How did you “get me” so fast
I dreamed you would be mine one day
Even though it wasn’t meant to last.

We lived a fantasy lie, you and I
Others left waiting for us to return
Anything to spend a few stolen moments together
Forever etched in my heart those memories burn.

But time was never on our side it seemed
In my dreams I still see your handsome face
Always living for those magical moments
I was forever lost in your embrace.

I miss your sweet kisses baby every minute of the day
and the way you used to hold me so tight
I wish we never had to end our love affair
But breaking someones heart can never be right.

This post was submitted by Nancy.


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I lay here in the night air looking up at each bright star,
and wonder what you’ve doing,
where you’ve been or where you are.
You left my side a year ago,
but my heart won’t let you go.
I’m sad and lonely without you,
but I try not to let it show.
I lay here thinking of you as I drift off to sleep,
you might be gone for now,
but the memories I’ll always keep.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

I miss you

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I miss you like crazy every day and every night
Some days I wish I had it in me to fight
She took you away
And it crushes my heart
because baby you’re my lover
You were from the start
You mean the world to me and with everything you do
Sometimes when I look at him I wish it was you.
I know it’s hard to play this game
But please baby can we stop were both just the same
I know you care but is that enough
Together our rough lives could become stable and tough.
I think about you all day
When I’m bored in school
I write your name on my paper
Cuz it reminds me of the things that we do
I promise not to lie, or let you down
Just as long as were both together and not fucking around
My world would be peaceful if we were together at last
But I don’t see that happening because my hearts in a cast.

This post was submitted by devonee.

The memories from the past

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The memories from the past
are still fond and clear,
the pain inside is killing me,
i can´t resist you no more..

i wanna make things better,if i could
i wanna love you as i could,if i could
i wanna hug and never let you go,if i could
i wanna hold you and never go,if i could

Baby i love you,and i miss you,
i´m sick of it, i´m so sick of it
i wanna hold your hands again,
i wanna feel your touch again
if i could,but i could´nt

Baby i miss you,
if i could fly here from you i would,
Baby this long distance is killing me,
i can´t wait to see you again.
Apz i love you with all my hypothalamus.

This post was submitted by elaika.

Can’t fogive myself

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This feeling I hold in my heart for him.
It is a feeling so strong that it makes my heart want to break out of my chest.
I don’t want to feel this way because every time I do, i get hurt.
My heart still belongs to him although he is gone forever.
People are always telling me that its okay and that I need to move on.
But whenever I feel like everything will be okay.
Thoughts of him come to my head and all I can do is cry.
I hide my feelings from the world but sometimes its just to hard.
I loved him with all my heart and it is my fault he is dead.
Could have prevented it but I was foolish.
I pray every night that he is watching over me and that he has forgiven me.
I’ll love him forever, even though he is gone.
I can’t forgive myself.

This post was submitted by Ammber Newcombe.


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Old lady,a bent body
Back times nurses a baby;
Walks with her stick
Loath of flesh for look.

Picks a baby in hand
Bone and blood to mend;
Baby moved with a smiley
Later she called her “Nani”.

Baby had kisses with a wrinkle face
None was she,the baby was “Me”;
By nurturing baby she forms the body
I played with Monkey nor with a Teddy.

With slow and stead,she makes me stand
She was only to hold my hand;
She loves me fully
Now NANI is my deity.

My poem is a call
Come look I am tall;
Still love to kiss you
How to say I miss you?

You are one in a many
In love eyes are teary;
My heart,soul cries
Sleeping lap misses high.

You cared needy baby
You made breathe freely;
My words are unsaid
Need not to be unsaid.

O!GOD give back my days
to once look my nurse;
O! blessed her in all ways
Hear my plea in your palace.

‘NANI’ still more to lists you
But how to say I MISS YOU……?

This post was submitted by ADITI SHARMA.

I Miss You Daddy

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Call my name again Dad
Sing me the song you had
I’m longing to hear your voice
No matter what is the choice

I want to feel again your warm
And hug you in my arms
I’m dreaming to see you smile
And talk to you for a while

But things will never be the same again
‘Cause you’ve left while I’m crying in pain
Life without you is not that easy
Especially when…I miss you daddy.

This post was submitted by fairy.

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