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Daddy, I trusted you

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Daddy I trusted you to catch me
You let me crash and burn
Daddy I love you
But you still walked away
Daddy I miss you
Yes I sound insane
Daddy I hate you
No I’ll never be the same
Why did you leave me?
Why didn’t you fight?
Was I not important enough to
Continue to be in your life?.

This post was submitted by Xavia Krone.

My Father’s Smile

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When I giggle
When I smile
HE smiles back

His love Reaches beyond me
And when i work hard to please him
His kind words and laughing smile
Make it all worth while

“In as much as you have done to the least of these,
you have done for me.”

So on hearing his Asking words,
I go to do His deeds.
And on helping those in need,
It makes the sorrow and trial
All the worth while

Oh Heavenly Father
Bring me close to thee
Your smile, makes those hard,times,
Worth while.
Oh My Father’s Smile!

This post was submitted by Abigail Grace.


DownUp +3

You’re strong and hard working,
courageous and sweet.
You’re kind and you’re loving
and you taught me how to
stand on my own two feet.
And when you told me
not to fight I tried
so hard to listen,
just so I wouldn’t let you down,
and when I saw the
disappointment in your
eyes I knew there was
nothing I could do to try
and make it up to you.
But still I cried deep down
inside when you looked at me
and said it was okay,
I knew it wasn’t really though.
You just said it to try
and make me smile.
So it doesn’t matter if it
takes a day or a thousand years,
I will one day make you the
proudest of fathers
when you can look at me
with a great wonderful
smile and say,”that’s
my daughter.”

This post was submitted by Samantha R. Hyde.

Dad In Heaven

DownUp +4

Saying goodbye wasn’t easy,
we watched you suffer so
But the lord knew without this,
we could never have let you go.
I thank him for the strength he gave us,
to care for you each day
Although mostly heart breaking,
for special times where we would sing and play
I thank him for allowing us,
the time to show our love
to a man I called daddy,
who is now in heaven above.

This post was submitted by Anita Leedale.

Love you Dad

DownUp +1

You may have thought I didn’t see,
Or that I hadn’t heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.
Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we’d grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It’s written on my heart.
Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be
I cannot be the Rai I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.
I’ve grown up with your values,
And I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father,
From your forever little kid.
Your love your care I have grown along,
Stories about you from Mom have made be ever strong,
I fall, I faulted then stood on.
I feel you with me as ever I was borne.
Loving sisters, an angelic mom was all I wanted.
When you are not in sight my life is haunted.
Always heard kids write essay’s about their Daddy’s life
I had one to write about your loving wife.
I stood there waiting in school for some day you will pick me.
I never realize I dream well as reality could be.
But even now I promise dad, for all that has gone out of song.
Rai is ruthless, careless, but I would ever do anything wrong.
Letting you know, that I missed every part of you in my life.
It cuts through my heart like a sharp knife.
Some day will come when I could stand tall as I can.
When the world would speak Rai is not a boy, look at him man.
Some day you will speak from heaven to say Look that is my son,
Some day when my world will lose to me and every battle I won.

This post was submitted by Raiton Menezes.

Proud Father

DownUp 0

Anybody in the world can make babies.
It takes a father to always be there, no maybes.
From before they are born, to the day that he dies.
The first he has sees them, is the first time he cries.
Every year that passes, his eyes fill will joy.
Surprised from he is much he learns from his little girl and boy.
As they get older, he is there shoulder to lean on,
He teaches them discipline,respect and how to be strong.
Soon enough they will be full grown.
Married, and have kids of their own.
He will be proud for everything hes done.
Because he knows he will be loved and remembered even when hes gone….

This post was submitted by Chelsea Ann Cruz.


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why did you leave when i was a child
i needed you so
why did say that i wasn’t yours
when i knew that we where the same
why did lie when i ask where you were
cause i needed but you were a jerk
why did you play with my emotions
knowing that i would get hurt
why did you leave i don’t understand
then come back and act like it was fine
the things you did really did
hurt now ill never be you
ill be there for my son and show him how much i really care
i will only leave just for work
i will go to his games and never forget that he is the number one pick
i wont be like you cause i have learned that my dad is a jerk
you are the only one i got so forgave for all that you have done
i will never how felt to be alone with only a mom
and dad to be home
i finally understand that it wasn’t me that was hurting it was you instead
but now i know i m a better man
cause i m not like you and i hope you understand
that i still love you dad that’s not a lie but ill never forget that you had to lie.

This post was submitted by steven martin.

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