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I Give YOU All I Can

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To my truly precious children
I give all I can spare,
for it isn’t things you need,
but my time, my love, my care.
Are you grateful for all this?
I am positive that you are,
for I only do my part,
you’re my world, my life, my heart
that is why it is beating…

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

A Kid

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I love being a kid
‘coz I never grow old.
Kids are always lucky
they teach you everything.

Kids are really special
because they’re the hope of life.
They symbolize happiness
because they make life be so real.

I love being a kid
and I dream big
I wanna win
I wanna shine.

This post was submitted by Danica Palongdias.


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Our parents say-
‘Children are like gold,
they do just what
they are always told.’

Our enemies say-
‘Children are a trouble,
they should be sent
to Mars in a bubble.’

Our teachers say-
‘Children are naughty’
we can’t handle more than
twenty or forty.

Our grandparents say-
‘Children are precious,
about their tricks,
we are suspicious.

Our best friends say-

This post was submitted by Sanjana Poddar.


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In my bed,
I view my day.
The things I did
Instead of play
Were nothing much.
Just eat and nap
With the sun streaming down
Landing gracefully upon my face.

I climbed a few trees,
But stopped when I scraped my knees.
I built a lego tower,
In which I told my cat not to devour,
But she did anyway.

My green army men
Had a battle
Against Bionic Puppy,
Who ate their limbs
And some of their heads.
They didn’t damage him much,

i inserted
Int my little sister’s hair,
But then I had to clean it out.

I tried my skateboard
In the living room
But only achieved a few face-plants
And getting grounded for a few weeks.

Now I think
I should have done
A little more of something fun
Like skydiving
Or zip-lining
Or getting a puppy.
But not today.
Today, I simply played.

This post was submitted by Sara.


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A teacher will do her best

To give us knowledge that we need.
To be planted in solitude and cultivate.
For it will serve a treasure in our lives.

A teacher will relate and share
To us her experiences and memories
To give awareness the challenges of life,
And the morale lessons they learned.

A teacher explain, demonstrate and inspire
Explanation, that leaves no gap,
Demonstration, that shows true performance
Inspiration, that gives hope and faith.

A teacher will always guide us
From childhood to adulthood,
With love and encouragement
For it will build confidence and happiness.

And a teacher will be a helping hand
In the absence of our parents
Just to feel the comfort of life
And the world safe to live in.

This post was submitted by Manuel C. de Leon.


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In a Meadow,
There is a girl, chasing butterflies,
And her heart lies,
Within mine.

She is laughing, always laughing,
with golden hair flowing,
A porcelain face glowing.
I remember in my dreams, And it seems,

I can smell her baby freshness,
Feel her soft kisses,
On my wet, crying cheeks.

Her arms clinging to my neck,
Saying, “I will be happy forever”.
With sad brown eyes, like mine,
Not understanding.

She will remember, the songs of Jesus,
The story readings, prayers of teaching,
That we shared.

She misses me and I, her, deeply.
Run through the Meadow and catch me, Baby Doll.
I am your yellow butterfly.

She was taken and I am shaking,
For the memories are fresh in my mind,
All of the time.

No Grandmother should be denied,
The right to see her Grandchild.
Why did this happen? How could it ever?

This post was submitted by Charli O..

Your Child (Stop Child Abuse)

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No child deserves to be hurt
No child deserves to cry
To be hit, broken, or harmed
A child is meant to be loved
Treated with passion not hate
Abusing someone is wrong
Who would think it’s right
Someone who’s cold hearted
And doesn’t think straight
Don’t put your hands on a child
They did nothing wrong
They provided loved
You provided hate
Hug your child
Don’t punch them
Kiss your child
Don’t smack them
This is your child
Treat them like one
Instead of a doll
That you just throw around
That you hit and beat
Like it’s fun and games
How would you like it
if you were treated like this
Just like your child
Who’s nothing but innocent
Your child doesn’t deserve this
Love is all it takes
Not a hit to the face
Or a kick in the side
No hair to be pulled
Or skin to be sliced
Your child deserves
to be put in a better place
And not with someone like you.

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

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