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My Love Shubh

DownUp +4

My love story in my poem.
He calls me jaanu. I’m calling him baby.
He loves me much. I’m loving him too much.
He think about me. I’m thinking about him.
One day he says he can’t live without me.
I’m saying it’s also impossible for me.
And some months later.
Heartbroken. And his name called by me heart-breaker.
He said give me a break and don’t text again. Goodbye.

This post was submitted by priya singh.


DownUp +31

How come you walk away from someone you love
And decided to turns as like nothing happen
How come you opened a locked door
And closed in one as strong at a time.

I can still remember the image of your face
The moment you said “We are going to stay forever and ever”
For we uttered such sweetest words
Now, I wonder how this could be.

Does forever and ever are just words?
You made me as a whole
And showed me how to love in unconditional
Yet, you are crossing your words

You are perfect in my eyes
And no one else could ever makes me feel this way
I could not just compare you in anyone in this world
You showed me that TRUE LOVE exist

There, I thought, I finally found someone true
Yet, I was wrong and wrong again
How could you break a heart that beats you alone?
My love for you just won’t die down easily.

I wish you would open your eyes and dare to look at me
And hear “I love you and I don’t want to let you go”
But it seems you don’t even care
Just everything goes shambles without you

I just wish I could learn to forget
To forget the image of your smile and be deaf of your cracks
You taught me to handle when everything goes tough
But you forget to teach me to stand still whenever you’re gone

I know I was been even more tough to be drive
But, I tried my best to change and seem my best not enough
Yet, it’s too late, you already blow it away
It seems you are content to left me and walk far

You even doubt when I said I love you, please DON’T!
I may be even more regimented
But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you
I love you more than you’ll ever know

But, now you simply changed
That breaks my heart in pieces
An ink pot of tears as I write this thought
Each word within is equal to one tear drop.

Yet, despite of all we’ve been through
I can’t learn to hate and forget you
Just imagining the image of your face and
hear your cracks
All anger is gone.

This post was submitted by wanie sani.

Broken Heart

DownUp +24

Don’t look in my eyes
if you are going to lie

Don’t walk with me
If you are only going to talk about her.

Don’t try to make up stories
When i Know the truth

Don’t try to make me feel better
When it is too late for you.

i once thought you were the one
i thought of you as my sun.

Now all i think about
Is you through my tears

And all of my dreams
Are filled with fears.

Now all of my tears
have continued and soaked.

And what is left
Of my heart is broke.

This post was submitted by kayla.

I have to let you go

DownUp +1

I fear of losing you once again,
Having you is not my happiness,
if getting you back will make you sadder,
I’m ready to let you go.

I’ve waited for so long,
for this time to come along.
you’ve been a dream come true,
but you’ve been a burden too.

My feelings is true,
loving you is what I do.
What if one day you go away,
and leave me hanging along the way.

I’ve learned to cry and let my tears fall,
I’ve learned to say no even if i wanted to.
I tried to escape and run away from you,
But it seems so hard to turn my back from you.

today, is the end of everything,
I’ll turn my back and keep running.
Till I find my refuge,
and be with someone better than you.

This post was submitted by maryjoy.

Twisted journey of love

DownUp +5

Your undecided about what you want
im not a game you can just hunt
you say you are hesitant and scared
but there is so much that we shared
laughter and secrets i would never tell
slowly prying me out of my shell
i have walls that wont come down
your other little flings make me frown
you say that i didn’t ask so you didn’t say
so im through with all the games that you play
whatever makes you happy i will repeat
but im no fool and i would never cheat
good luck on your twisted journey of love
because i respect myself over all the above.

This post was submitted by Melinda Palmer.

Without me bleeding

DownUp +7

Its funny how you came so fast,
funnier how you told me we would last.
It was funny how you swept me off my feet,
funnier how you pulled me in so deep.

without the smile upon you face,
you grew cold and made us seem like
a waste of time and my faith.

i tried over and over again to love you,
but it wasn’t the issue,
it was you finally trusting me
and realizing i was not the one for you.
instead of being real you took me down and under.

i just think its so funny
how i thought my life would end with you.
its funnier how i thought you believed in it to.
like the feelings were mutual between us two.

for some reason, i just cant get over you,
maybe it was how you lied til we were through.
how you turned around and asked me t wait for you,
how you took me through the fire and left me to burn without you.

i find it fascinating how you can keep stabbing me in my heart, without me bleeding..

This post was submitted by Chaznique.


DownUp +6

Closure to an open heart
is painful indeed
but its whats best for me
tired of looking back on all the memories
and all the could have be’s
time to close my heart for good
those times has passed
though your love will always be dear to me
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
you made the choice
but i made the mistake
though i leave with one regret
I knew it was on me
but time will pass and that goes away
we will always be friends
in a sort of way
you was my first everything
as I yours
but now its time to say our goodbyes
for now anyways
this is closure
and its best for me.

This post was submitted by karli.

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