The past

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I walked down a muddy road once,
thought I’d never look back,
my feet clouded the dusty skies
and behind me I left a track.

I made a few wrong turns ,
none too proud,
I carried them around me like a shroud,
till one day I decided to turn around.

I walked backward to where I began,
my knees shook beneath me
and I ran,
all the way back

This path was none but,
the road of my life,
it colored me gray
from all of my strife

I walked back and forth
between the pasts
till I got tired, at last
I realized what I was looking for alas….

I traveled on the road,
through past and present,
looking for my future but then again,
as I decided to walk backward
the road lengthened

I will tell you why
because I wasted
a part of my present and future
looking for it in the past…

This post was submitted by meg.

Category: Past Poems
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