The Rainbow

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A ray of sunshine,
A ray of warmth,
Squeezing through
The last of the night.
A drop of water,
A drop of life,
A drop of forever
Glimmering in the light.
Alone, meaningless
Without each other, simple.
One spring morning
They would unite.

On the fern, sparkling,
Or up in the great blue sky,
Anywhere where two can meet
Is where souls can make to fly,
In a moment,
A single second’s time,
As they reach closer to each other,
They both, in their own way, shine.
The light of hope and peace and love
Together they shall reach
Out into the distance,
Freedom flowing into each.

Somewhere in the clouds above,
The gods smile down upon them.
Happiness and joy aloft,
Spread over the land when,
The rainbow forms.

This post was submitted by Anna.

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