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Every morning he gets up, his PTs he puts on.
Sit-ups, push-ups, running, he’s an army of one.

He goes home, takes a shower and puts on his uniform,
ready to work and salute all day and all night long.

Till the call comes, pack up your shit it’s time for you to go.
Your stars and stripes are calling you, to fight your homeland’s foe.

So he packs up all that he needs, no questions he will ask,
’cause he’s a soldier proud and strong, just trying to do his best.

He sees the question and the tears in his families eyes,
but his little soldiers they are proud and silently pay the price.

Still they wonder every day, while he is gone away.
If he is safe, if he is sound and if he call this day.

Their love they send with every word they write down in a card,
that they do send down range to him, where he is working hard.

24 hours every day they think of him and pray,
for him to come back home to them and never go away!

The soldier who is far away from his kids and wife,
is fighting hard every day to safe another life.

It’s hot, it’s loud it’s dangerous and so goes by each day,
with mortar or sniper attacks they’re nothing new anyway.

All around he sees his fellow soldiers lie,
they’re shot at, they’re wounded and some of them may die.

In this land so different, where he was send to fight,
is there a chance he might come home, to kiss his kids good night?

And so goes by every day, it seems just like the last.
A year has past and now it’s time for him to get some rest.

7 days later he finds himself standing on a well known floor,
ringing a bell right next to his last name on the door.

It opens and there in front his families smiling bright,
then they rush into each others arms holding on so tight.

Down range he learned to appreciate the simple things in life.
A smile, a hug, a kiss, his kids, but most of all his wife.

The woman that fought right next to him even they where far apart.
The one that never left his mind, was always in his heart.

She was the one who daily fought a war at the home front,
’cause while he fought the tali ban she had to hold down the fort!

Now let us leave this family to rejoice their father’s home,
but say a prayer for all those soldiers that never made it home.

Never forget they laid down their life to protect us all,
they never did meet me or you, but protecting us all they did fall.

This post was submitted by Bettina Sowa.

Category: Soldier Poems
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