Dear Jeff

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God’s sending his angels and you’re awaiting their arrival.
We’re all praying for your survival.

You’re only twenty-eight,
But you’ve been dealt this sorrowful fate.

Jelanie’s by your side, as you lay,
All day, everyday.

Wishing you were better in every way.
Because she loves you, and wants you to be okay.

But all she can do is watch you lay
And pray to God for another day.

Days came, and days went
Tears were spilled,
And prayers were sent.

They did all they could do,
But now we’re here missing you.

You’re in a better place, this we know
But nobody wanted you to go.

As night turned to dusk,
The angels came and you
Left us.

So many people miss you and wish you were here
but we know you’re safer up there.

Free from pain,
Free from harm,
Resting safely in
The Lord’s arms.

This post was submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

Category: Brother Poems
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One Response

  • John Taylor says:

    I wanted you to know that I like your poem! And I use it! I just lost my Lil’ Brother! Thanks, for being able to say what I wanted to say!



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