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Memory Of My Father

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I miss the way you’d tuck me in bed at night.
I miss the way you’d hug me tight.

I miss the way you’d sing a song.
And I would always sing along.

If only I could return the past.
Oh, why didn’t these good times last?

Now I scream in terror and fright cause you don’t tuck me in bed at night.

Tomorrow Your body will be in the ground.
At least I know you’re safe and sound.

In God’s hands now you will be,
I miss it when it was only you and me.

This post was submitted by Marie.

Llife In Death

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Death is an inheritance
Shared equally amongst all
After death there’s no repentance
All of mans deeds judgment will recall

Death rarely gives always demanding
To young and old it gives no rating
The rich and poor it adds to none
They smile today and tomorrow are gone

Life is pain but death relief
Life is doubt but death belief
Warriors and cowards death makes the same
The glory of life death makes no fame

Though souls are lost a battle is won
In death or life we still are one
Family or friends we all go home
For that endless journey we all must roam.

This post was submitted by antonio zimo.

I go crazy for your love

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I go crazy for your love
Why did he take you up above
You were the blood that ran through my veins
And the sun that awoke me every day
All i do is dream of you
My days are full of sadness
There’s nothing i can do
Now that your gone
All i do is cry
Wondering why it was you that had to die.

This post was submitted by melissa jones.

Memory Is All I Have…

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Life is cruel
Even when you have
The winter’s worth gruel.

Unable to bear the quaking chill
Innocents fall asleep
Never to see the day again…

You are one of them now…
Why? I ask: why did you not
Tell me that you were going?

Why did you try to run alone?
Here with me when you had a home?
Why did you leave me?

Did you not think
How it would shatter my heart
To see you lying there–so still,so cold…

You knew me when others didn’t
You came to me when others ran…
Then, why did you befriend the Black hand?

Why did you give up?
You always were a survivor…
What happened????

On my lap you used to play
Never caring about the day…
Now, your memory is all i have…

You have gone beyond
And i know i’ll never see you again
And that is such a pain…
Memory is all i have…

This post was submitted by Naini Kh.


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i m fine
i m alright
i m strong
i am not going to cry
I dont want to cry
i dont want to talk
i dont want to laugh
Stop Pushing
Stop Calling
Stop Balling
over my well being
Im fine not blind
i need space i need
a place to think
In a blink im gone
Please dont cry
im happy where i am
Please im not dead im
in my bed . now i
rest my head .
Good-bye cancer good-bye lost ones
i rest in piece six feet deep . . .!

This post was submitted by soccer21girl21.

My Funeral

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at my funeral
where i was layed to rest
my attire was smashing
i wore the best
i wish i could have seen me
as i went beneath the earth
but time went by so quickly
didn’t treasure my life’s worth
i saw their faces
filled with pain and sorrow
if i could turn back the hands of time
i would start back few years back tomorrow
but its too late
i cant change my destiny
my only regret
i left behind my family
my son he cried, my daughter she did the same
i only ask one thing of them,
never forget my name
i didn’t have a lot to offer
but my love and respect
i tried my best to show them
be truthful in every aspect
i hope my death hasn’t gone in vain
i love you all,,, please remember my name.

This post was submitted by cedric mcleod.


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Shed no sad tears for me now I am gone
there really is no reason you should grieve
the sun still shines and life will still go on,
so be content till your turn comes to leave

Do not despair for I have not gone far
and time is but a fleeting, twinkling star
the days the hours and months they all are naught
for in the mystic circlet they are caught

In times traverse I move in ageless spheres
and count the days in aeons not in years
I have left behind the mystery of mars
and climbed the endless stairway to the stars

Yet in the fullness of eternal years
we all shall pass along the endless ways
and smile at all our trivial childish fears
that plagued us all our earthly human days

So smile and dry your tears and weep no more
though I am gone in spirit I am here
we all are part of what has gone before
and all we have to conquer is our fear

Rejoice and smile and laugh and be content
and count your endless blessings while you may
for yesterday is but a passing dream
that is fast fading on it’s endless way

For if tomorrow never ever comes
we cannot prove today was ever here
then surely we are truly all immortal
in an eternal endless timeless sphere


This post was submitted by TOM YOUNG.

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