Things we call LOVE

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What is Love?
Love is a child’s play
Love is an adult’s toy
And lovers, are cupid’s fools
For love is surreal
Like captivating lyrics sang by Franklin Sinatra & Celine Dion.
Love as it embraces you
leaves you with a spine-tingling experience
And when it deserts you,
can be as daunting as a dead man…

Love is cruel
For Love is a tragedy.
Love is infectious
For Love is a disease.
Love is excruciating
For Love bleeds.
Love is traumatizing
For love requires sacrifice.
Love is a sin
For Love is nothing but a mere desire to a lusty heart.
Love is unforgivable
For Love is nothing but an affair to a fickle heart.
Thus, by all means Love should be abstained from
Yet, not a soul ever claim a victory
For Love is frighteningly addictive.

This post was submitted by Dawson Hill.

Category: Love Poems
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