Thoughts of a Dying man

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As our thoughts are governed by that of the earth,
our spirit does nothing but suffer,
hearts hidden in death and deceit.
Our lips whispering that of his name,
Doing as of his desires.
We are held in his lies, calling him leader –
All our lives we listen to his sweet caressing words,
savoring each taste, longing for more.
We call upon him through lies hate lust and war.
Hardly, noticing the black within our chest,
Slowly eating;
He tempts us not more than our earthly bodies can bare,
promising us wealth glory and more.
So perfect these lies,
Our lives dissipated,
only our souls – aware
Hearts blinded, cheated, betrayed
our souls yearning, screaming, beating
for that which is our rightful King,
The light bringer,
the savior – from our sin.
The Messiah.

Do not be disordered,
tis not Lucifer –
He is not that which his name calls,
But simply a man who rose from the dead.
He by 3 is the rightful answer.

Only he is the one.

This post was submitted by Myrone Moyo.

Category: Christian Poems
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