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Loving you is simple for me to do,
But I don’t know why it’s so hard for you,
Well I cannot force you to love me;
And neither can you force me to stop loving you,
I am not the same girl I used to be;
But yet my love is still pure and true.
If you love me then love me, for who I am,
Not for the one you want me to be,
Don’t expect me to be a tender lamb;
For I am just a human and that’s all about me.
You say I am a liar and that I flirt around,
Well then why don’t you go to hell?
And get yourself surround;
By all those who likes you so well.
And by that time I will find another,
Who will take your place in less than an hour!

This poem was written/submitted by Maresa.


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Break Into Two,Let
Lil Mama See Her Boo.
She Capture A Picture;
Smile Stronger Than Some Liquor..

Her Race Is Black!
She Keeps It Fast On The Track,
Lil Mama Say I Love You,,
He Say “Wait Who Is That”?

She Did All Of That To See Her Lil Boo,
He Say’s He Does Not Remember Her And Anything She Say Is Not Even True,

She Said “Why Would I Lie”?,
He Say “So Who’s The Father Of Your Baby”
She Say’You And Only You Baby”
He Say”Thats A Lie Your Not My Lady
How You Gonna Put Another Mans Baby On Me You laid Down And Did Your Deeds.

She Say”Baby Baby I Need You Please”
He Say “Girl Let Me Go What We Were Its Finish Indeed!

This poem was written/submitted by Deija Blackman.

Took Away my Heart

DownUp +1

Let me cry.
Let all my feelings die.
I can’t hide behind a smile anymore.
I’ve already opened a door
to a world of pain.
I opened my eyes
to a world of silent screams.
A world that never welcomes dreams.
You promised me my happy ending
when all i’ve been doing is mending
a broken heart.
When you left you took away my heart.

This poem was written/submitted by XxdreamrxX.

Gone Away

DownUp 0

Nights and days have past
he knew she never could last,
but he left her all alone
and now she’s all alone.

Why did he leave her?
he had belief in her.
She felt that she did something wrong
she listened to his favorite song.

She stayed in her bed,
like life was about to end.
He sent her a letter
do you want to know what he said to her?

it said only three words
three tiny words. . .
‘i love you’
and she whispered to herself ‘i love you too’
but then she died from a broken heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Amanda Cunningham.

Lost In Your Embrace

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I never knew I didn’t exist before you
You looked into my eyes and saw the real me
never judging, always there
you saw what others could not see.

I was more myself with you than ever
How did you “get me” so fast
I dreamed you would be mine one day
Even though it wasn’t meant to last.

We lived a fantasy lie, you and I
Others left waiting for us to return
Anything to spend a few stolen moments together
Forever etched in my heart those memories burn.

But time was never on our side it seemed
In my dreams I still see your handsome face
Always living for those magical moments
I was forever lost in your embrace.

I miss your sweet kisses baby every minute of the day
and the way you used to hold me so tight
I wish we never had to end our love affair
But breaking someones heart can never be right.

This poem was written/submitted by Nancy.

Once apon a time….

DownUp +1

You are now in the past,
but now i am in the future.

On now what have began as ONCE UPON A TIME,
now ending as THE END.

On now what we used to be is now in the past
and now there is now need to cry.

Cause now i am facing the future on my own,
With my many questions to be answered.

This poem was written/submitted by Ashley czech .

Thank You, I Hate You, I’m Sorry

DownUp +3

Thank You –
For showing me what I really deserved; Which wasn’t you .
For telling me how much you loved me all the time, even if you were lying .
For showing me what people in this world are capable of doing to me .
For giving me a little bit of joy in my life .
For being there for me… in the beginning .

I Hate You –
For letting this go on for so long .
For making me love you .
For taking me away from people who would’ve actually loved me .
For wanting her more .
For getting my hopes up, then letting me down . Again . And again .
For telling me the same things you told all of them… and the same things you will tell her .

I’m Sorry –
For letting you know how i feel .
For anything i ever did to hurt you .
For not acknowledging any of the good things you did for me .
For hating you .
For loving you .
For praying that things won’t work out with you two .
For knowing all along that what happened to us wasn’t all your fault .
For letting our friendship go after all this time .

This poem was written/submitted by Bree Carrington.

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