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I’ll Always Be Besides You,

Until The Very End,

Wiping All Your Tears Away,

Being Your Best Friend,

I’ll Smile When You Smile,

And Feel The Pain You Do,

And If You Cry A Single Tear,

I Promise I’ll Cry Too!!!

This poem was written/submitted by Kelly.

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It may be raining hard outside,
but your smile makes it alright,
im glad that you are my friend,
our friendship will never end.

This poem was written/submitted by Bilal khan.

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If your heart is broken
tell me ill get the glue
if your lost in life
call me i’ll come find you
if your sad please tell
its my job to make you smile
and if your happy let me know
we’ll celebrate in style.
so what im really trying to say
is that we’ll always be friends
our friendship reminds me of a story,
a story i hope will never end!

This poem was written/submitted by Charlie Eddy.

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“friends forever” you promised
“together ’til the the end”
we did everything with each other
you were my best friend

when i was sad you were by my side
when i was scared you felt my fear
you were my best support
if i needed you, you were there

you were the greatest friends
you always knew what to say
you made everything seem better
as long as we had each other
everything would be ok

but somewhere along the line
we slowly came apart
i was here, you were there
it tore a hole in my heart

things were changing
our cheerful music was gone
it was like having salt without pepper
a sun without its moon

suddenly we were miles apart
two different people
with nothing the same
it was if we had never been friends

although we knew deep in our hearts
neither of us was to blame
but that didnt change the hurting
the loss of our friendship made me cry

as we grew older, things must change
but they dont always have to end
even though it was different now,
you will always be my best friend

This poem was written/submitted by Kaitlyn.

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I laugh with your jokes
I enjoy your funny strokes
You stays and mingles with me
With you I’m in the middle of ecstasy

You are really the best
Unique and different to the rest
You are always here to help
You give confidence to me

We are more than lovers
We mingle with others together
You never leave me
With you I feel free

I’ll always be there for you
When there are times you feel blue
I’ll be there when you sober
Because you and I are best friends forever.

This poem was written/submitted by trixia angelie longakit.

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The summers over old friends have moved on
They’ve found new places to carry on,
The falls wind will bring new change,
To bring new perspectives and to rearrange.

The winter season will draw them near
But only for a short while dear,
Then forward again to their new live,
Some finding husbands, mates, or wives.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past
When people believe it will always last.
Maybe in spring you will meet for a day,
Talk of old times the quietly slip away.

No matter how much time passes through the years
Or how much the seasons change,
You’ll always have your memories,
To bring you back again….

This poem was written/submitted by Judy Strelek.

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Life always seems to knock you down
So far down you hit the ground
At some points you don’t wanna get up
You just want to lay there and plainly give up
But sometimes a familiar hand reaches down one for you to firmly grasp
A friendly hand with one simple task
To pick you back up
And clean all your scrapes and cuts
That you received from the fall
Because a true friend is there for you through thick or thin, short or tall.

This poem was written/submitted by Halie.

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