Brainy Got Mad

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By Writing,by reading
by studying,by keeping
Books in his hand
Brainy Got Mad

No sleeping,No Eating
Only Studying
Brainy Got Mad
Mother Always Told Him
“Be Careful Of What You Do
And Don’t Do Too Much Study
After All,It’ll Cause You Harm”
But He Pledged,
That He’ll Not Leave A Edge
As He Thought Books Are His Life
He Kept Reading Day & Night
After Some Time His Books Become The Enemies In His Life
His Brain Got Unstable,
Seems Like Their Was A Fatal In The Mind
Suffering From Stress Now Every time
Their Is No Word To Make A Rhyme
As The Brainy Person Has Become A Mad
Their’s No Need To Study
A Thought Arose In His Mind
But What To Do Now?
There’s Not A Choice
Keep Hold On Your Voice
Because The Brainy is now a mad..!!

This post was submitted by Vibhor Sharma .

Category: Funny Poems
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