His Sacrifice

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We joined for the danger,the bravery and fame.
This would make us known, to us it was a game.

The excitement was high. Tom and I joked about,
how we’d win and be honored. There wasn’t a doubt.

We departed at once, across the big bridge.
Our troops marched for days ‘Till we’d reached Vimy Ridge.

Our commander took charge, we’d reached the front line.
Hard bread and cold water were our turkey and wine.

I started to realize I’d made a mistake.
There was no turning back, no new choices to make.

Early that morning the call came around.
As we raced to get up the men hid behind mounds.

The first sound of cannons filled my ears with ringing.
It was my first glance at what the day would be bringing.

I fought how they taught me, just how I was trained.
I glanced over at Tom, his expression was pained.

He looked on and shot, and I saw the man fall.
“Daniel get down!” I heard Tom call.

It stung as it struck me, my arm felt aflame.
The reality hit me, this wasn’t a game.

Tom grabbed me quickly, and wrapped up my arm.
They sent me away, to be out of harm.

A week in a bed till the call came through.
“He gave us a letter, to give to you.”

My hands trembled lightly as I picked up the sheet.
I started to read, Tom’s writing was neat.

“Hey Danny it’s me, if you’re reading I’m gone.
I’m writing this quick cause it’s already dawn.

They’re coming toward us, I can feel the ground shake.
In just a few minutes the men will awake.

I guess we were wrong Dan, we joined all for naught.
The trenches are foul, the food’s never hot.

Danny, I love you, try to be smart.
You’ll be fine, don’t worry, you’ve got a good heart.

Tell Dad that I’ll miss him, Say I love you to Mom.
Don’t ever forget me, Goodbye, this is Tom.”

I never forgot Tom, never, I swear,
and no Tom we weren’t wrong, we made the world care!

This post was submitted by Sally B.

Category: War Poems
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