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I was happy and contented before you came.
I never thought that life would be insane.
Can’t describe the way I feel since I met you.
Should I thank God now that I found you?

You’re always with me, though not physically.
You made me cry, I can’t take you off my mind.
Wasn’t sure if I’m now in love with you “crush”.
The thing is, now I know I’m being crushed.

I don’t know what your purpose in my life is.
Everything has a reason, you know.
It’s just uncertain why He let me fall for you.
My head’s spinning, searching for answers, damn you!

It’s not easy being in love with you man.
I never thought that I’ll undergo bewilderment.
Should I continue this one sided love affair?
‘Cause being stuck here writing hopeless love poems isn’t fair.

This post was submitted by Lea Andrea.

Category: Love Poems
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