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why did you leave when i was a child
i needed you so
why did say that i wasn’t yours
when i knew that we where the same
why did lie when i ask where you were
cause i needed but you were a jerk
why did you play with my emotions
knowing that i would get hurt
why did you leave i don’t understand
then come back and act like it was fine
the things you did really did
hurt now ill never be you
ill be there for my son and show him how much i really care
i will only leave just for work
i will go to his games and never forget that he is the number one pick
i wont be like you cause i have learned that my dad is a jerk
you are the only one i got so forgave for all that you have done
i will never how felt to be alone with only a mom
and dad to be home
i finally understand that it wasn’t me that was hurting it was you instead
but now i know i m a better man
cause i m not like you and i hope you understand
that i still love you dad that’s not a lie but ill never forget that you had to lie.

This post was submitted by steven martin.

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