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You’re strong and hard working,
courageous and sweet.
You’re kind and you’re loving
and you taught me how to
stand on my own two feet.
And when you told me
not to fight I tried
so hard to listen,
just so I wouldn’t let you down,
and when I saw the
disappointment in your
eyes I knew there was
nothing I could do to try
and make it up to you.
But still I cried deep down
inside when you looked at me
and said it was okay,
I knew it wasn’t really though.
You just said it to try
and make me smile.
So it doesn’t matter if it
takes a day or a thousand years,
I will one day make you the
proudest of fathers
when you can look at me
with a great wonderful
smile and say,”that’s
my daughter.”

This post was submitted by Samantha R. Hyde.

Category: Father Poems
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