I’m still not over you

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You Don’t Know How Much I Loved You ..
You Were My Everything When I Knew You ..
My Heart Kept Beating When I First Saw You ..
I Just Can’t Live Without You ..
Cuz Actually I Was Lost Without You ..
We Had So Many Common Things ..
That I Just Can’t Get Over You ..
Your Eyes , Your Smile ..
The Messages We Sent ..
The Love We Had ..
People Said We Were Meant To Be ..
But They Didn’t Want Us To Be ..
Well , I Realized I Was A Fool To Listen To People!
Who Wanted Us Not To Be Together !
But I Wasn’t Even Sure If You Loved Me ..
Or Was It Only Messages !?
I Cried Over You Day & Night ..
Hoping That This Fight ..
Never Have Happened ! I Said Sorry
Too Late Hoping You Would Come Back To Me ..
Everybody Thought I Loved You For Your Looks ..
But I loved The Inner You .. Personality !
Everything .. I Wish I Had Told You This Before!
But Still I Wont Get A Chance To Tell You Now ..
It’s Really Hard Watching The One You Love ..
Love Someone Else ! But I Didn’t Know What To Do ..
You Got Over Me & Moved On ..
I Convinced My Self That I Moved On, too!
But From Inside Im Dying ..
When I Remember All The Time We Spent Together ..
The Calls & Everything , I Wished I Could Press
Re-Wind & Re-Do Everything In My Life ..
I Didn’t Think We Would Ever Break Up ..
Because Of The Chemistry We Had ..
I Dreamt Of You & Me Together ..
I Thought It Would Last Forever ..
But Now .. Im Trying To Move on ..
Because I Have To Do What’s Best For You & Me ..

This post was submitted by doushi.

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