I guess i Thought

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This really is the last thing I’ll say to you,
You were my first love but you broke my heart in two,
You lead me on to believe your lies,
This whole time it was a game you were playing
and breaking my heart was the prize.
Do I even know you at all anymore,
Or are you just the beautiful stranger from last summer.
Seeing your name makes me feel sick,
Knowing I cant have you is seriously thick,
Did you ever really love me?
Its an answer I wont know .
You told me that you did,
Was that apart of your show?
I look at the pictures of us and want to cry
Memories come back and how happy I was
I cannot describe.
You told me you would be here forever
But then you left
I guess I thought you were different .
I just want you too hold me again and keep me warm
Because everything in my world has turned so cold
It’s just like a rough storm.

This post was submitted by saoirse.

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